HooSwap offers 20% discount on launch token with HOO payment

On November 9, Hoo issued the latest announcement that the fast launch token service of HooSwap, the innovative business of Hoo, has been upgraded. Project parties are required to pay a small test fee when applying for the fast launch token on HooSwap and can enjoy a 20% discount when paying with HOO.

The small test fee consists of “project token + test fee”. Project tokens can be paid with the equivalent value of 10 USDT. The test fee includes the ETH chain and other chains, of which the ETH chain token test fee is 500 USDT, the token test fee for main nets such as BSC, HECO, and TRX is 100 USDT. There is no discount for a small test fee using USDT payment and a 20% discount for using HOO payment.

This service upgrade does not include the following types of projects: with a rebase mechanism, or there is a destruction mechanism during the transfer process; tokens that only allow transfers between a few specific accounts; tokens whose assets will be frozen immediately after the transfer; main net or other public chain projects and other non-compliant tokens.

It is understood that HooSwap is an innovative business of CEX+DEX, which is a brand new exploration and experiment. HooSwap is based on a centralized platform, which is different from the existing exchange basic model. It uses the mechanism of Automated Market Maker (AMM) and liquidity mining with the following advantages: First, there is no need to pay additional gas fees on the chain and the cost is extremely low; Second, it avoids the possibility of counterfeit currency, transactions are more secure; Third, HooSwap directly aggregates orders, bringing the smoothest transaction experience; Fourth, HooSwap natively supports cross-chain, eliminating various cross-chain agreements.

The person in charge of Hoo said that the upgrade of HooSwap on launch token service upgrade is mainly to increase the support for innovative projects, it is also a measure to improve the HOO ecology and continue to empower the platform token HOO. With the upgrade of the HooSwap launch token service, more innovative projects will be available for ” launching tokens by one-click for free ” on Hoo. The users of Hoo are also able to provide liquidity without paying high Gas fees and can invest in more potential projects.

It can be seen that Hoo, based in Dubai, is not only actively laying out its global compliance operations, but is also upgrading its products and business. The public information of Hoo shows that, recently, the Hoo ecology has been upgraded almost every week. For example, the VIP system will increase the rights and interests of HOO holders to enjoy lower rates; Collateral Loan products, the introduction of pledge HOO lending a variety of crypto assets, and HooPool products to support HOO early participation in the first airdrop of innovative play, etc.

In the past month, HOO has risen from a minimum of US$0.51 to a maximum of US$0.82, an increase of 60.8%, and has stabilized at around US$0.76 as of press time.

With the expansion of Hoo Dubai’s global operation and the continuous improvement of the HOO ecological empowerment scene. HOO, which is considered to be in a depression of value, will be further excavated in the future.

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