Hooked Protocol Unveils Exciting Development Roadmap for the Rest of 2023

In a recent update on Twitter, Hooked Protocol unveiled its development roadmap for the rest of the year. The project also confirmed the completion of the final airdrop token distribution to the community.

June 5th – The project is set to launch Phase 1 of its DeFi staking service at 10:52 PM. Users can pre-register on the project’s website on the same day. On June 15th, Hooked plans to release the web version of its Wild Cash application.

Wild Cash is a Quiz-to-Earn app developed by the Hooked team since late 2022. Users are rewarded with tokens corresponding to the difficulty level of the questions they answer. In February, Hooked teased a puzzle-solving game called ToDaMoon on the Wild Cash platform. With the latest update, iOS users can now participate in ToDaMoon.

Looking at the long-term plans, the project will introduce Hooked Solution to equip users with a complete Web3 integrated solution, facilitating their transition into the Web3 space. This will allow traditional internet users to easily access Hooked even without extensive knowledge of crypto wallets. In Q2, ToDaMoon will introduce more exciting reward mechanisms to attract users.

In the next quarter, the Hooked Alumni System will launch its official mainnet. The Hooked Alumni System is a platform that provides learners with certifications and scholarship tokens such as HOOK and BUSD for achieving milestones in their Web3 learning journey. The Alumni System comprises two main components: the Soulbound token, awarded upon completion of the Web3 learning program, and NFTs based on academic achievements.

In Q4, developers will initiate the Hooked Lego Ecosystem, a comprehensive infrastructure solution that allows Web2 developers to easily access Web3 technology. Subsequently, Hooked Metaverse will make its debut as the flagship product of the ecosystem.

In the second half of the year, the project aims to expand the application capabilities of the HOOK token and foster partnerships with major traditional companies. Hooked hopes to attract a large user base and strong interactions from future partners.

Significantly, the company aims to expand its global presence and focus on regional collaboration activities in Vietnam, Turkey, South Korea, and more.

Hooked Protocol is the 29th project launched on Binance Launchpad, specializing in providing Learn2Earn products and integrated infrastructure for users and businesses in the Web3 space. Just a few minutes after being listed on Binance, the HOOK token reached an all-time high (ATH) price, skyrocketing 50 times its IEO price.

In December 2022, Hooked announced an airdrop for early users who participated in the Halloween campaign and minted NFT Party Passes. Starting from December 5th, Hooked Protocol conducted six airdrop rounds, rewarding each member with a maximum of 100 HOOK tokens. The final airdrop distribution was completed yesterday (June 1st).

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