Hivemind Capital Partners Launches $300 Million Liquid Opportunity Fund for Cryptocurrency Trading

Hivemind Capital Partners, an esteemed digital asset investment manager founded by ex-Citi senior trading executive Matt Zhang, has unveiled its latest endeavor, the open-ended Liquid Opportunity Fund. With a target size of $300 million, this fund aims to trade cryptocurrencies in the secondary market, providing institutional investors and qualified high net-worth individuals with a carefully selected entry point into the digital asset space.

Hivemind has been a pioneering force in helping institutions navigate the complexities of digital asset investing since its inception. The launch of the Liquid Opportunity Fund signifies the firm’s commitment to offering investors an accessible and scalable opportunity during what they believe to be a propitious time in the digital asset market.

Founder and Managing Partner of Hivemind, Matt Zhang, expressed his confidence in the liquid cryptocurrency market, stating, “We believe the liquid cryptocurrency market offers interesting opportunities, in the near future, as the next Bitcoin halving approaches and the interest rates cycle starts to pivot.” The fund has already secured approximately $60 million and seeks to reach its ambitious $300 million target, a testament to Hivemind’s ability to raise capital even in challenging market conditions.

Despite recent market uncertainties, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have exhibited robust growth, with each delivering over 50 percent returns year-to-date. Hivemind’s Liquid Opportunity Fund will focus on trading large market-cap tokens, employing a multi-strategy approach encompassing token investing, staking, yield generation, and event-driven trades. The fund will be expertly managed by professionals well-versed in institutional-grade risk management policies, underscoring Hivemind’s dedication to injecting fresh capital into the digital asset space.

Zhang emphasized Hivemind’s steadfast commitment to the growth of the digital asset industry and web3 technology, stating, “While others may choose to scale back or exit the industry, we are doubling down with hiring and product expansion.” The firm remains optimistic about the long-term prospects of blockchain technology and aspires to become one of the largest digital asset investment managers, bolstering its ability to raise capital and execute strategic investments.

Hivemind’s flagship fund, launched in December 2021 with a substantial $1.5 billion, primarily focused on venture equity, early-stage investments, and liquid tokens. As the company forges ahead into more specialized funds, its primary mission remains centered on delivering tailored investment opportunities across the liquidity and risk spectrum to meet the evolving demands of institutional investors.

Hivemind Capital Partners, recognized as a prominent digital asset investment firm, seeks to institutionalize digital asset investing by blending crypto-native technology and expertise with institutional-grade risk management practices. Through a comprehensive and multi-strategy approach, Hivemind aims to unlock the potential of cryptocurrencies as a viable asset class, providing curated and scalable access to institutional investors.

The launch of the Liquid Opportunity Fund by Hivemind presents an opportunity for investors to capitalize on the rapidly evolving digital asset market, tapping into the expertise and strategies of a seasoned team. With a focus on large market-cap tokens and a commitment to robust risk management, Hivemind intends to navigate the intricate nuances of the digital asset space while delivering attractive returns to its discerning investors.

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