Hey CZ, need help? No thanks! Bye – Binance CEO bluntly refused the OKEx CEO’s request for help with a block on Twitter

Binance recently lately appears in the media. Mostly positive information, but sometimes certain negative information. Most recently, Binance continued to make fun of the community when it came to a message broker issue. Things have not stopped there…

Binance 2nd maintenance abruptly and without notice to users

Today is the second time Binance has temporarily maintained the system but has not notified users. Binance has suspended deposits, withdrawals, spot trading, margin trading, P2P transactions, lending, repurchase, as well as transferring assets from sub-accounts, margin accounts, Futures accounts, and wallet. However, trading on Binance Futures will not be affected during maintenance.

After announcing new and innovative business efforts, Binance has seen better days. However, it seems they did not expect that, in fact, the suspension of trading on the platform today adds to a series of issues that have temporarily caused Binance to suffer a lot of bad reputation.

When Binance unexpectedly maintained the system, CZ voiced the following:

However, it seems that Binance users do not understand this explanation. They reacted quite harshly to CZ’s statement.

However, the story began to be more humorous when OKEx’s CEO, Jay Hao, offered to give Binance a helping hand with the question of CZ whether he needed help. And now the new conflict begins.

Hey CZ, need help? No thanks! Bye

Rival exchange OKEx CEO Jay Hao replied to CZ to offer some technical advice. He said that Kafka is not enough for a trading system, which means brokers will always occur and ask CZ if he needs help.

However, Binance took control of the problem and fixed it. The problem was fixed just minutes after CZ posted the tweet. Traders were also given a “few minutes” to cancel orders before trading resumed again.

Perhaps you think everything is over, and the funny thing is that OKEx CEO wants to hold on to his opponent? But no, the funny story is that CZ didn’t answer Jay Hao and blocked him from his Twitter account.

This led to OKEx CEO comment:

It is unclear whether Kafka will cause the problem, as OKEx CEO suggested. Or whether CZ took his rival’s response as a publicity stunt for his exchange rather than a genuine offer. The only thing that stands out right now is that Binance’s system issues are starting to cease to be a significant event.

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