HEX founder Richard Heart was revealed to be a notorious scammer known as the ‘Spam King’

HEX founder Richard Heart was revealed to be a notorious fraudster known as ‘Spam King’. In early 2000, Heart allegedly made his fortune organizing illegal spam attacks.

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The connection was then made between Heart and a criminal network operating in Panama from 2005 to 2007. A list of laundry crimes, including theft, extortion, and blackmail, is linked to the Heart’s various aliases in Panama at the time. Heart’s supposed cohorts include bandits, extortionists, and corrupt lawyers and judges, according to posts from Panama-Guide.com, no longer exist.

In 2002, Heart was successfully sued by Peacefire.org for violating Washington’s anti-spam law. However, Heart’s dark past as the ‘Spam King’, maybe the most disturbing truth to appear.

A 2007 Google Groups post by Miguel Antonio Bernal mentioned Heart / Schueler belongs to a new breed of thieves. The post describes the process of American criminals flooding into Panama to rob, cheat, and blackmail local entrepreneurs using Panama’s weak legal system.

Now, Heart presents itself as a thought leader in the cryptocurrency space. But in 2008, while Satoshi Nakamoto worked on Bitcoin, Richard Heart launched anti-aging remedies.

HEX founder Richard Heart. Image via Facebook

HEX plunges 60% on Bitcoin.com as aftermath boils over exchange listing

Bitcoin is struggling to try to stay above the $ 7,000 level. In that context, the Bitcoin skeptical crypto exchange, Bitcoin.com Exchange, caused a new controversy. This time it did so after it supported an altcoin that was primarily related to fraudulent activities. In a December 15 article and a Twitter post, officials and analysts confirmed that HEX trading went live on December 13.

The move makes Bitcoin.com one of the few recognized trading platforms to strengthen its relationship with HEX, with founder Richard Heart continuing to make widespread fraud allegations.

Although there is very little transaction data, Bitcoin.com’s HEX markets have traded the equivalent of 0.81 BTC ($ 5,700) in the past 24 hours. During that period, the platform’s two HEX trading pairs, HEX / BCH and HEX / ETH plunged 64% and 57%, respectively.

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