Here Is The Top Crypto Low Cap Gem With Massive Potential, According to BitBoy Crypto

In the recent video, top strategist Ben Armstrong from BitBoy Crypto shares a low cap altcoin gem Cartesi (CTSI) with an OG trustless AI marketplace for scientists and huge potential to explode.

What’s been going on with CTSI?

Cartesi it’s a blockchain built with scalability in mind with rollups and its own virtual machine capable of running Linux called Descartes. Cartesi is an optimistic rollup solution that lowers gas fees.

“This is significant as Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has once again confirmed that Ethereum 2.0 will be delayed until late 2022. However, other solutions like Cartesi are moving forward to scale ETH and other blockchains while ETH 2.0 is being left out to dry for the time being”.

Cartesi had been making game-changing moves recently with several listings on crypto exchanges including Coinbase,, Binance, and Bithumb.

CTSI’s Recent Improvements

According to Armstrong, Cartesi is accelerating full steam ahead.

In fact, Cartesi’s accomplished a lot of huge milestones in its product development in just the last six months”.

Cartesi formed several partnerships including collaboration with IOTA that will work towards accelerating smart contract adoption for Internet of Things infrastructure. Cartesi also announced that it will be adding a new layer of computational power to Elrond’s high transactional throughput capabilities and integrating with Avalanche to expand layer 2 infrastructure within DeFi.

Besides partnerships, Cartesi has also announced a host of product integrations with Binance Pay, Travala, NOWPayments, Messari, Staking Rewards, MyContainer, PAID Network, and Coinone.

In addition to partnerships and integrations with existing projects, Cartesi also debuted its Cartesi Labs program, a continuous program consisting of grants, accelerator, and academic programs aimed at incentivizing the development of decentralized systems within Cartesi’s ecosystem.

Top 3 CTSI milestones worth paying attention to

Cartesi has had three very big milestones or releases that will be coming near the end of this month to add on to its current milestones.

These include staking delegation: “This is Cartesi’s staking system that has been a very active one with organic growth. It currently has over 247 nodes and 77 million CTSI staked.

According to the trader, by the end of June, Cartesi will be releasing delegation for its staking system, meaning CTSI holders will now be able to delegate their tokens to a reputable node instead of having to run their own or give their tokens to a third party. Cartesi expects this to significantly increase the amount of CTSI staked and reduce the amount of Cartesi that’s being traded and circulated.

Rollups on testnet are also coming. As the trader says, this is one step closer to bringing the next million developers to blockchain and decentralizing the world.

“Cartesi rollups, will release its first version on testnet, allowing smart contracts on multiple blockchains to be entirely coated with mainstream software”.

And No. 3, we’ve got the poker dApp tech showcase. Near the end of Q2, Cartesi will be releasing more details on its upcoming fully decentralized poker showcase that uses mainstream software stacks that would be impossible to do on the current state of blockchains.

“The poker dApp will run in collaboration with Polygon. This will be the first time a poker game will be fully decentralized without relying on any type of third party, only possible as a result of Cartesi’s ability to incorporate mainstream software stacks”.

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