Here Is The Top Altcoin Gem with 100x Potential, According to Randall Trzaska

In the recent video, top analyst Randall Trzaska shares with subscribers the top hidden altcoin with huge potential gain 100x rise in 2021.

“This is the project that has significant code behind it and interestingly it has down 83% from an all-time high, making this is a ripe buying opportunity. And it is also available for people who live in the U.S.”

The top altcoin today on the trader’s list is Audius (AUDIO), an online music streaming platform. Audiushas has seen a recent surge of popularity since its beta phase in October 2019 and ensuing public launch a year later. The controversial blockchain-powered platform’s cryptocurrency token, $AUDIO, has hit a new all-time high of approx $4 after Audius surpassed 3 million active users.

“Audius (AUDIO) is one project that is chasing the first-mover advantage in the music streaming sector.”

The analyst also highlights that the project is already developed on website and app as well as having popular electronic artists and musicians involved such as deadmau5, Rezz, 3LAU, The Standfford Brothers.

As of now, Trzaska says that the project is still in its early phase among the electronic crowd.

“Imagine what happens later when everybody else finds out how much these people are actually making when they actually find out they’re not making 12%, they’re making probably closer to 100% of the actual revenue that they’re generating. So when that happens, I think there will be a lot more people coming on to the audience”.


In terms of the price, at the time of the video, the coin was trading at $0.84, down 88% from the all-time high. According to the trader, AUDIO is trading undervaluation, (the white line).

“Back at the end of June, it actually dropped below there and bounced off of this previous resistance right here (the red box) right at around 60 cents and now is up at 84 cents so could potentially be a huge opportunity to buy.”

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