Here Is A Potential 100x Altcoin Moonshot In This Bear Market, According to Crypto Strategist Tyler Swope

Prominent crypto strategist Tyler Swope from Chico Crypto unveils an undervalued hidden altcoin gem with a 100x potential moonrise when the market return.

According to the trader, this hidden crypto gem is backed by Riddle & Code,  Europe’s leading company for blockchain interface solutions:

“Their platform manages the trusted connection between the physical and digital world. It is the basis for the industrial token economy,”

The token is named EWT and currently ranking at #174. It is an open-source platform designed to support the development of energy sector applications by building a more traceable, democratized, and decarbonized energy system.

“The Energy Web Chain aims to provide the digital infrastructure that connects the grid operators, customers, and physical assets, like solar panels, thermostats, and electric vehicles.”

The Energy Web Chain is a public Proof of Authority chain aimed at the Energy sector, & allows for greater scaling than Ethereum, which is needed for the millions/billions of energy devices that will frequently use the chain. Based on Etherium, the smart contract allows buyers and sellers to trade energy across long distances:

“It will work a lot like a web, so energy can be sold to the web, and then bought from the web. For example, I can power my computer using energy from someone else’s solar panel from across the world. This could cost me .01EWT, and using the blockchain I can be assured that it comes from a sustainable source and not fossil fuels.”

The Energy Web Token EWT cryptocurrency plays a key role in maintaining and operating the Energy Web network and can be used for holding, sending, or interacting with applications.

According to the trader, the token EWT isn’t just used for gas or 2 things like many projects. EWT has been given a fully fleshed-out utility with a dedicated utility layer, that can be paid for in bulk over a timeframe as a Utility bundle.

“It locks up EWT for bulk payments and distributes it to nodes over time while used by energy assets or devices. This is great for lowering token velocity on exchanges. EWT will be used for messaging, name service, bridges, Oracles, storage, establishing device identity, key recovery service, etc.”

At the end of the video, he highlights that WF enables any energy asset, owned by any energy customer, to participate in energy markets, via blockchain. Energy Web is the world’s biggest blockchain in terms of validators & the size of entities who have built on it and has a lot of momentum in the energy field, which is now getting accelerated trillions of investment dollars due to the exponential increase in transitioning to clean sustainable energy.

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