Here Is A Low Cap Altcoin With 1000x Potential in The Upcoming Altseason

Crypto strategist Craig Percoco unveils a low-cap hidden altcoin with the potential to rise 1000x as the next alt coin season is around the corner.


Card.Starter (CARD) is deemed as the first insured cross-chain accelerator for Cardano. It is a decentralized accelerator and swapping platform, connecting early-stage Cardano innovators with our community of donors.

The project gives $CARDS holders early access and guaranteed allocation to seed rounds, presales, and private sales of Cardano projects.

According to the trader, by utilizing CardStarter, developers building on the Cardano Network will have an avenue to generate early support through the ERC20 network.

At the press time, CARD is trading at $33.61, which is a 60.77% drop from its ATH. CARD market capitalization currently sits at $100M.

How Does This Work?

With Card.Starter, Launch Pads, and accelerators can be a great avenue for trusted and vetted teams to gain early support, and for donors to gain early access to projects.

“Launching on the Ethereum network allows the project to build a community, and provide a proof of concept by raising preliminary support for successfully screened projects building on Cardano’s network.”

As soon as projects can deploy through Cardano’s Plutus Platform, CardStarter will migrate the entire project, platform, and community from Ethereum.

Why Card.Starter?

CardStarter is a decentralized accelerator and swapping platform, connecting early-stage Cardano innovators and projects with a community of donors.

What interesting is that $CARDS token holders who qualify for the tiered system are guaranteed varied allocation to early sales of projects launching through our platform.

The analyst also highlights that upon Cardstarter migration, auto-lock liquidity will be an optional feature for developers. As part of our Card Accelerator Program, successful applicants will acquire access to services provided through their partner firms. These include, but are not limited to Token Engineering; Security Audits; Graphical and Web3; Social Media, Awareness, and Branding support.

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