Here Are Top 4 Crypto Coins For Huge Gains in July 2021, According to Analyst Lark Davis

In the recent video, a closely followed trader and analyst Lark Davis unveils the top cryptocurrencies with ongoing price catalysts in July 2021.

According to the trader, he would prefer to focus his money on the big cap coins during this bearish moment as there is so much volatility in the low cap space.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The first cryptocurrency on Davis’s radar is Bitcoin (BTC).

“Bitcoin’s been going through this pretty boring phase recently. We had the big price correction, everyone’s kind of getting bearish on crypto in general”.

However, the trader points out that Bitcoin is receiving some positive news in July and preparing for its upcoming big moves: “Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest joins the Bitcoin ETF race although ETF has yet to approve crypto ETF”.

Moreover, ARK Invest’s proposed Bitcoin ETF would trade on Cboe’s BZX Exchange. Wood has also made pro-Bitcoin statements in the past. Under her aegis, ARK has invested in Coinbase and the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

Ethereum (ETH)

Next on the list is Ethereum (ETH). As the crypto KOL says, Etheruem is going to have massive catalyst coming up in July: “Ethereum London upgrade launches on testnet as 100K staked in a day on Eth2”.

“Ethereum’s forthcoming London upgrade, containing the highly-anticipated Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559, has been deployed on the Ropsten testnet”.

The new upgrade will see transaction fees burned. According to the EIP-1559 tracking website Watch the Burn, roughly 88,500 testnet Ether, nominally worth $177.6 million, has been burned on Ropsten over the day since London’s deployment.

However, Davis reveals that EIP-1559 is not the only upgrade that the community is looking forward to from London, with David Mihal of CryptoFees describing EIP-3074 as “fixing one of Ethereum’s most overlooked security issues” to do with approvals.

“Here’s a lot of room here for Ethereum to continue moving higher. All those fundamental reasons that Ethereum was getting hyped up back in April are still there…And the Ethereum’s London fork that’s coming up represents a major milestone in that forward-thinking innovation for Ethereum”.

Cardano (ADA)

Another altcoin on Davis’s radar is Cardano (ADA): “We are so close to some really big things happening for Cardano”.

Cardano added more than 50,000 staking addresses in three weeks’ time, reflecting a substantial 8% growth in less than a month. Its total staking addresses surpassed the 600,000 milestone in early June as the attention around the platform continues to grow.

Moreover, recently, Cardano has successfully released a crucial update to begin smart contract era. According to the analyst, the release comes with key updates that would serve as building blocks of Cardano’s smart contract development.

Smart transactions enable a user to associate transaction meta-data on-chain and store executable contract data. This opens up the smart contracts era on Cardano for our first stake pool operators and Pioneers to start sending and testing simple smart transactions to the ledger via the node”.

Polygon (MATIC)

Last on the list is Polygon (MATIC).

“We’re seeing all of these major Ethereum applications integrating with Polygon. We’ve had you know just some of the biggest ones like Aave and Curve Finance coming over to the Polygon network and integrating with them because it’s all a completely Ethereum compatible universe”.

Hence, Davis is strongly bullish on Polygon and believes its run is far from being over and the market will see this asset continue higher over the rest of the year because the value proposition is so clear.

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