Here are the top 2 NFT projects that promise rocket growth

Popular crypto channel Bitboy Crypto shares with their subscribers 2 top NFT projects that are deemed to be the next boomer of this industry.

Starship (STARSHIP)

StarShip is a Binance Smart Chain project created to bridge businesses and users onto blockchain technology. According to the trader, within its first 6 months, StarShip developed a non-custodial wallet, token generator, online learning platform, and decentralized exchange.

“STARSHIP is catching the eye of investors as its wallet, digital asset, and NFT offerings make waves today.”

To go along with all of this, the trader says that the project offers its own NFT game. Players also each get an exclusive NFT that represents the amount of STARSHIP that they hold. They can also purchase space station NFT’s via a pre-sale.

STARSHIP is not just content with a normal game. Instead, it sells NFT packs to players. These are similar in nature to real-world trading card packs, such as Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, or Yu-Gi-Oh. Each pack comes with a certain amount of NFT cards that players can use in the game.”

Notably, Starship will be available to play Alpha by the beginning of December.

The Red Ape Family

Next up on the list is The Red Ape Family, a ground-breaking new comedy, and the first animated series in the world, built around, and starring, different blue chip NFTs. Besides, The Red Ape Family is also the first show of its kind to sell episodes as individual NFTs.

“Ultimately, the project is all about bringing the NFT community together and exploding preconceptions about what is possible in this space. This is the first time the NFT community will see Bored Apes, Cool cats, Lazy Lions and a host of other NFT characters together in the same show.”

Morever, season one drops on November 23rd and the Presale of Episode 1 started on Friday, October 1st, 2021.

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