Here are the next 100x pre-IDO projects in October

Popular crypto channel Altcoin Buzz shares with their subscribers top 4 DeFi and NFT pre-IDO projects that have perfect chances to success in October.

Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox is the ultimate physics-powered sandbox shooting game that allows players to build and own arenas to fight other players in different game modes using their own NFT weapons and accessories.

Powered by the PSB and PULV tokens, Planet Sandbox has created multiple play-to-earn opportunities within their Metaverse. According to crypto channel, the project has announced a successful oversubscribed $1.5 million raise led by incubators Icetea Labs and ExNetwork Capital with participation from renowned venture capitalists.

The Planet Sandbox IDO will launch in RedKite and GameFi launchpads at the beginning of October. After the IDO launch, the game will be listed in Pancakeswap.


Minterest is a one-of-a-kind lending system that provides decentralized token money marketplaces to customers.According to the KOL, it is designed to compete with Polkadot-focused platforms such as Reef Finance. It guarantees the most significant long-term returns and, as a result, high liquidity. Minterest claims to provide the best long-term returns in the industry.

By utilizing its buy-back mechanism, the protocol passes on 100% of revenue generated to its community of active participants. All protocol money is used to acquire the MNT token on the market and distribute it back to token holders.

The exact date of the IDO is unknown. However, the Public Sale will begin in November 2021. Platforms have not been decided on. CEX Listings will be taking place in Q1 2022.

Altered State Machine 

Altered State Machine is a platform to build, train and trade AI agents using NFTs.

“This is a game-changer for the usage of NPC agents in gaming, trading the metaverse, and much more. Previously, only developers and businesses could own, control, and employ A.I. agents,” the analyst says.

As the trader says, the first chance to get involved in this project will be to receive an initial NFT content drop. This will be followed by Yield Farming and Governance rewards. The NFT-drop program will be launched in October 2021, along with the start of token distribution.


Creaticles is a BSC-powered blockchain platform that facilitates the creation of customized NFTs, connecting consumers and content creators to match prevailing demand with supply. CRTL is the native token of Creaticles, where users can use it to pay for NFTs, do staking, and participate in governance voting.

Creaticles testnet was launched in July 2021. However, the launch date of the Mainnet Tokens is not yet disclosed.

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