Here are the 10 compelling reasons to buy massive potential crypto project now!

In a recent video, the prominent crypto Youtube channel Altcoin Buzz shares with their followers 10 compelling reasons to bag Cartesi (CTSI) in 2021, a crypto project that pumped 3,800% over the last year.

“Cartesi is revolutionizing smart contract programming by allowing developers to code with mainstream software stacks. Noether is Cartesi’s side-chain that’s optimized for ephemeral data, providing low-cost data availability to DApps”.

Reason 1: Revolutionizing Smart Contracts

There exists an urgent need to solve the problem of scalability and high transaction fees on blockchain. In early 2021, Cartesi enabled million-fold computational scalability by implementing a variant of optimistic roll-ups (Descartes Rollup).

Notably, according to the analyst, this enables running smart contracts at a high scale by performing computationally heavy tasks off-chain while still enjoying the security of Ethereum blockchain.

Reason 2: Blockchain-agnostic Layer-2 System

In 2020 Cartesi released Descartes SDK which is a blockchain-agnostic layer-2 system.

At the core is the Cartesi Machine which makes it possible for Descartes to support scalable computation without compromising on decentralization. Additionally, the dApp data is not disclosed on-chain preserving the data privacy for dApp builders. Most importantly, Descartes SDK allows dApp logic to be built directly on Linux.

“This is the first time ever blockchain dApp developers have access to the mainstream software stack”, they say.

Reason 3: Low-cost Data Availability to dApps.

While building a dApp, a developer needs to consider the data storage charges on the Ethereum network as the data availability cost for dApps running on Ethereum is pretty high and is to be borne by the developers.

Cartesi’s Noether is one of its three main products. Basically, Noether is a high-performance side chain for data availability.

Designed for temporary data availability, it allows DApps to achieve high throughput by giving them low-cost access to the storage of large files.

Reason 4: Overcoming Major Issues of Proof of Stake systems

Cartesi is building a staking system that overcomes some of the major issues of Proof of Stake systems. These are: Users will not have to assume their risk preferences; Instead of varying rewards, users will always know what rewards they will earn; The stakers would be able to pick different risk preferences; Minimized inflation by system balancing.

Reason 5: Proven Proof-of-concept

In early 2020, Cartesi conducted a super successful IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on Binance Launchpad with over 27,000 unique players played 168,000 Creepts games.

Reason 6: Multi-functionality token CTSI

CTSI is a utility token of the Cartesi platform with lots of functions.

Firstly, it acts as a crypto-fuel for Noether Proof-of-Stake systems. Secondly, it will find its use in dApps to pay incentives to Descartes nodes for the execution of verifiable and enforceable computation.

Reason 7: Remarkable Roadmap

2020 was a year of significant growth for Cartesi as the team released Cartesi Machine (Cartesi’s VM) and Descartes (decentralized computational oracle). In 2021, the team is aggressively marching towards the implementation of mainnet.

Reason 8: Partnerships

With the proven proof-of-concept as a scaling solution, Cartesi has acquired significant partnerships recently such as Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Elrond.

Reason 9: Impressive on-chain activity

Cartesi’s on-chain activity clearly reflects adoption and growth. Moreover, the number of transactions spiked up in May. Meanwhile, the number of daily active addresses has also been increasing.

Reason 10: Expanding Utility of CTSI

Cartesi collaborated with Gather Network. Basically, Gather is a marketplace-based platform. It allows content publishers to monetize content. With this partnership, CTSI will be accepted as a payment method for the Gather Network ecosystem and rewards program.

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