Here are the most interesting facts that XRP rich list reveals

With the addition of the option to filter and select, the XRPScan portal updated its list of the richest XRP holding accounts. Let’s look at who has millions and billions of XRP in their wallets on this occasion. According to the data provided, the number of active XRP accounts has already surpassed 4.56 million.


Source: XRPScan

There are hardly any surprises when examining the top five. With combined stakes of 3.73 billion XRP and 2.32 billion XRP, respectively, Ripple and Binance share the top rank. Nevertheless, an unnamed address with a balance of about 1.38 billion XRP managed to squeak between them. Other unnamed addresses of this type are much smaller. The closest one is sixth and only has 770 million XRP stored.

The most intriguing fact is that Upbit, the biggest South Korean exchange, took all positions 15 through 24 at the top. It addresses each containing 500 million tokens, totaling 5 billion XRP across all. XRP was previously traded irregularly on Korean exchanges, specifically Upbit. The token formerly represented almost 40% of the exchange’s overall turnover in the billions of dollars. This took place during the most recent XRP price surge. The fact that Coinbase still has approximately 1.7 billion XRP saved on its addresses is also intriguing.

Even though the largest U.S. exchange delisted the currency more than two years ago, Coinbase would undoubtedly rank among the top XRP holders based on the volumes saved on all 106 addresses.

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