Here are five legitimate ways Nigerians can use to safely trade their Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin really grows and brings a lot of value to users, some governments in many countries do not think so. For example, after the Central Bank of Nigeria issued a directive targeting the country’s cryptocurrency industry, the volume of bitcoin and altcoins on exchanges immediately plummeted. Even so, Nigerians still have many ways to trade cryptocurrencies skillfully and completely legal to bypass central bank restrictions.

Here are five legitimate ways Nigerians use the Patricia app to securely transact their Bitcoin

# 1: The fastest and simplest way: P2P Exchange

The new regulations appear to have been successful in boosting the volume of crypto trading on informal markets or peer-to-peer trading platforms.

Patricia platforms are also being used to facilitate safe and secure peer-to-peer transactions. According to the report, Patricia’s peer-to-peer platform is powered by Vaunt, an international P2P digital currency market that facilitates faster and easier money transactions.

# 2: Airtime Refill

The second way is, through the Patricia platform, users can use their BTC balance to pay for regular expenses like airtime, utilities, as well as internet data plans. The conversion from cryptocurrency to fiat currency is seamless within the app.

# 3: Get paid

For Nigerian businesses looking to expedite the process of receiving payments from overseas customers, Patricia Business offers this opportunity. Patricia Business is a bitcoin payment gateway that allows merchants, merchants, and business owners nationwide to receive bitcoin payments from their customers. Once received, the cryptocurrency will be seamlessly converted to naira and transferred to their local bank account.

# 4: Patricia debit card

Nigerians can also legally use their bitcoins to make purchases locally through the Patricia naira debit card. Additionally, Patricia has a bitcoin debit card option in both physical and virtual form. This card can be used to shop online or at a bitcoin ATM anywhere in the world.

# 5: Gift card transactions

Patricia users can also purchase gift cards with their bitcoin funds on the Patricia app. The conversion of bitcoins into gift cards allows users to shop on major online markets without necessarily violating CBN’s regulations.

You can see the BTC price here.

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