Here Are 7 Altcoins That Are About To Explode, According To Analyst Aaron Arnold

Top analyst Aaron Arnold from Altcoin Daily shares with his subscribers the top 7 altcoins that have just experienced significant changes and could ignite big rallies.

#1 The first altcoin on the crypto KOL’s list is Ethereum (ETH). According to the trader, Ethereum bullish cycle is happening and there are many evolutions developed on ETH ecosystem.

“Recently, Budweiser has bought Beer.eth domain name for 30 ETH. Not only that, Visa, another big brand name. also bought CryptoPunk NFT for $165,000 in Ethereum,”

The trader strongly highlights that Ethereum is definitely going to “pop” as the asset is undergoing a supply shock as a result of the fee-burning mechanism that was introduced with the network upgrade earlier this month.

#2 Next on the list is Cardano (ADA) as they are approaching their smart contracts on September 12th. Besides that, Cardano may soon have its first sidechain for interoperability with Ethereum.

“Cardano has announced the development of a sidechain called Milkomeda (M1). The bridge network will connect Cardano with the Ethereum network, allowing wrapped Cardano assets to be ported to the Ethereum ecosystem.”

#3 & #4 The next altcoin are Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK). Recently, Solana developers make an update that they can now use Chainlink’s DeFi price feeds. With Chainlink oracles now live on Solana’s developer network, builders have access to reliable price data.

#5 Fifth on the analyst’s list is the smart contract platform Avalanche (AVAX). According to crypto KOL, Avalanche is onboarding blue chip DeFi protocols:

Avalanche has recently attracted blue-chip DeFi projects like Aave, Curve, and Sushiswap. Besides that, several other nascent DeFi projects in the Avalanche ecosystem are likely contributing to the growth.”

#6 Enjin (ENJ) is the next blue-chip gaming cryptocurrency project protocol on the list. As from the crypto KOL, the social network Blockster is doubling down on the NFT hype with the partnership with Enjin.

#7 The final altcoin on Arnold’s list is XRP (XRP). The analyst predicts that XRP is on the verge of a 30% price move.

“Despite the uncertainty, the parabolic stop and reverse points have turned bullish indicating that a breakout is underway. So everybody’s saying XRP is in this consolidation mode, leaning bullish if the SEC clears Ripple or gives them a slap on the wrist. I could easily see a big move for the XRP token.”

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