Here are 3 projects on Wanchain ecosystem with promising features to explode

The popular crypto channel Altcoin Buzz shares with their subscribers top 3 potential projects on Wanchain, the world’s first decentralized blockchain interoperability solution, that signaling bullish rallies.

WanSwap (WASP)

First on the list is WanSwap (WASP), an innovative cross-chain automatic market-making decentralized exchange based on Wanchain. At the time of the recording, WanSwap has $95 million in TVL, with a market cap of $11 million.

The trader shares that one of the major reasons for this bullish on this project is because it has seven unique features, including token swap, pool farming, hive, analytics, vote, and lend.

“WanSwap provides a quick exchange via its trustless, decentralized ecosystem with practically free-cost transactions. Also, as a truly DEX, users can connect with WanSwap via their wallets securely and straightforwardly. No KYC or AML procedures.”

Zookeeper (ZOO)

Next up is Zookeeper (ZOO), a dual farming experience while embracing the popular crypto trend of NFTs.

“Zookeeper converts yield farming in an NFT game. This platform brings a brand new and exciting farming experience, enabling users to enjoy higher rewards and more interesting NFT gameplay and use cases.”

He adds:

“We like this platform because it’s compatible with four different wallets: Metamask, Wanmask, Wanwallet, and walletconnect.”

Besides, ZooKeeper allows users to increase yield farming rewards by utilizing the optional lock duration feature accessible for each pool. The more time users choose, the more benefits they will receive.

Wanchain Bridge

Wanchain Bridge is a decentralized cross-chain solution to bypass cross-chain transaction fees.

“You can use any of 25 tokens to pass through 10 different blockchains. There’s no other bridge in the crypto ecosystem that we know of that supports so many different platforms.”

Altcoin Buzz shares in an interesting feature of Wanchain Bridge where it adopts a PoS, or Proof of Stake consensus mechanism for ordinary transactions and implements consensus and incentive mechanisms for cross-chain transactions.

Besides, the platform interface is pretty simple to use even for a person just starting out in the crypto sector.

“That’s a very important quality for a platform like this to have, especially WAN that seeks to become massive, which is obviously what we hope Wanchain bridge will someday be.”

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