Here are 2 hottest NFT projects with explosive potential, according to BitBoy Crypto

Along with the hype in the NFT space, widely-followed crypto channel BitBoy Crypto shares with his subscribers 2 NFT projects on their radar that have huge potential to pump 100x.

Crazy Mummiez (BONES)

Crazy Mummiez is the second drop in the CrazySkullz universe which contends 6,666 unique, randomly generated mummies resurrected from death who wants to bring eternal darkness to the Earth. 

“All CrazyMummiez are totally unique and each one is generated from over 160 possible traits. Holders will also receive full creative and commercial rights of the NFTs they own.”

The crypto KOLs add that a total of 3,333 Mummies are reserved for OG holders, so for every three CrazySkullz that investors are holding, they can mint one Mummy for free.

In addition, along with the launch, there are also a number of exciting and rewarding features that will be released. Holders will have the option to stake their NFTs in order to receive the native utility token BONES.

BONES will have multiple functions in the Skullz ecosystem, including a name change option, a description change option, access to fractionalized blue chip NFTs, etc.”

Notably, play-to-earn game is also part of the roadmap, and is expected to launch in Q1 of 2022. Players will be able to use their character’s skills in PVP Arena, or challenge other players in Crazy Empire fights. Holders can mix and match the Skullz and Mummiez they have in order to gain new strengths and synergies.

Penguin Fight Club

Last up on the list is Penguin Fight Club, a fight club with 10,000 penguins.

“What makes this collection unique is that more than 200 unique attributes were handcrafted by their amazing artist, ranging from hair, skins, backgrounds, weapons, eyes, facial features, accessories and much more.”

They adds:

“The Penguin Fight Club family is growing very fast. Hatching this November, the future generation will take their place alongside their parents in the Pengverse, spending their days learning at The Penguin Academy. Each baby penguin is randomly generated from over 160 hand drawn traits.”

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