Hatom(HTM) Introduces the First Native Stablecoin, USH, and Launches USH Airdrop on MultiversX

Hatom, a leading platform committed to rewarding engaged users within its ecosystem, has announced a groundbreaking initiative set to revolutionize the crypto space. The introduction of USH, the first native stablecoin on MultiversX, marks a significant milestone for Hatom. Moreover, the accompanying USH Airdrop program promises to recognize and reward active community involvement, further cementing Hatom’s dedication to user-centric growth and engagement.

The USH Airdrop, slated to launch alongside the HTM Booster and Accumulator on November 27th, aims to reward community members actively participating in liquidity provision and HTM staking. With a total distribution of 500,000 $USH (equivalent to $500,000), this airdrop is a testament to Hatom’s commitment to rewarding its user base.

However, the distribution timing is strategically aligned with the stablecoin’s launch and market stability, ensuring a robust and mature market presence for USH before initiating the airdrop. Hatom prioritizes stability, aiming to deploy the protocol successfully and achieve market stability before initiating the airdrop distribution.

The eligibility for the USH Airdrop is tied to active positions in the lending protocol and HTM staked in the booster. Users need to stake at least 20% of their total collateral value in HTM to qualify, unlocking the highest possible yields within the incentivization program.

The distribution of airdrop rewards is proportionate to users’ boosted positions in the protocol, ensuring fair allocation based on individual investment levels. Random daily snapshots prevent manipulation, ensuring fairness in reward distribution. However, fluctuations in HTM’s value against collateral might affect eligibility, emphasizing the need for a slightly higher stake percentage as a buffer against market volatility.

To enhance user experience and transparency, Hatom will introduce a dedicated dashboard for USH Airdrop participants, allowing easy access to snapshot statistics and ensuring eligibility clarity.

Upon USH release, users can claim rewards in USH or HTM with a 5% bonus, contributing to enhancing the token’s market presence and value. Additionally, a cooldown period adjustment from 2 to 7 days aims to promote long-term participation and discourage speculative behavior within the Booster module.

While the Airdrop aims to incentivize HTM stakers and attract liquidity, it remains open to all community members, encouraging exploration of Hatom’s offerings like liquid staking and lending protocols.

Hatom’s launch of the first native stablecoin, coupled with the USH Airdrop, signifies a paradigm shift in crypto rewards and engagement strategies, reflecting the platform’s commitment to fostering a thriving and inclusive ecosystem for its users.

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