Hatom (HTM) will launch Mainnet of Lending Protocol and Liquid Staking on July 16th

Hatom HTM, an algorithmic protocol for lending, borrowing, and staking assets built on MultiversX, has recently made a significant announcement. The project revealed that it will be launching the Mainnet of its highly anticipated lending protocol and liquid staking on July 16th. This development comes just three days before the end of the HTM public sale on xLaunchpad, adding to the excitement surrounding Hatom’s future prospects.

The team at Hatom took to Twitter to share their enthusiasm, stating, “We’re thrilled to announce the Mainnet launch of both the Lending Protocol and Liquid Staking on July 16th, three days ahead of the end of the Public Sale.” They further emphasized the importance of these key DeFi building blocks, which have been meticulously crafted over nearly two years on the blockchain.

The forthcoming launch of Hatom is a significant milestone for MultiversX, with the potential to redefine the DeFi landscape. Market participants have been eagerly anticipating the unveiling of Hatom, and this Mainnet launch will finally enable users to explore a multitude of DeFi strategies while earning substantial incentives in blue-chip tokens.

To prepare for the launch, Hatom advises users to start the process of unstaking their EGLD tokens, ensuring they are optimally positioned to harness the initial yields and explore the various DeFi opportunities enabled by the over-collateralized lending platform.

Upon the launch, the Hatom Lending Protocol will debut with several Money Markets, providing users with a range of options to interact with the platform. Supported assets will include EGLD, sEGLD, USDC, USDT, BUSD, WBTC, WETH, and UTK. This diverse selection of assets will allow users to engage in a variety of DeFi strategies while benefiting from the potential returns offered by Hatom.

Additionally, Hatom has announced its intention to unveil the largest incentivization program in MultiversX’s history. This initiative aims to ignite DeFi within the blockchain, fostering exponential growth for projects as all DeFi pillars become operational. Details regarding this incentivization program will be disclosed in the near future, adding to the anticipation surrounding Hatom’s launch.

As the countdown to July 16th begins, interested individuals are encouraged to visit Hatom’s app at http://app.hatom.com/lend to stay informed and be among the first to experience the upcoming protocols. The launch of Hatom’s Mainnet is poised to introduce a new era of decentralized finance, offering exciting opportunities for users and potentially reshaping the DeFi landscape as we know it.

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