Has Craig Wright continued to make up stories about the Tulip Trust and 1,100,111 BTC?

While the allegation of stealing Bitcoin from colleague David Kleiman of Craig Wright has not yet subsided, people are stirring up information that Wright is about to receive about 1,100,111 BTC from an alleged contract called the Tulip Trust. This money is significant to Wright because it will prove that what he testified before the court is now right.


The Tulip Trust describes how David Kleiman supposedly received 1.1 million BTC from Wright in Australia and at the time the coins were only worth $100,000 | Source: The alleged Tulip Trust

Summary of the lawsuit between Craig Wright and family members of David Kleiman

In May, a U.S. court ordered Wright to publish a list of his Bitcoin addresses as of December 31, 2013. This latest development is part of the lawsuit against Wright of Dave Kleiman’s family, a deceased businessman. Accordingly, they claim that Wright appropriated billions of Bitcoin (1.1 million BTC) through a complex multi-year partnership with Kleiman earlier this decade.

David Kleiman is a talented cybersecurity expert and computer scientist. This is the character that many believe to be one of the first developers behind the idea of ​​forming Bitcoin.

Kleinman’s family declares that Kleiman’s friends and family are not aware of the wealth he has accumulated. Wright, meanwhile, has forged many contracts and intends to transfer Dave’s property to himself or to the companies he manages.

However, at present, it seems that Wright did not comply with this request. Therefore, he is likely to be convicted of fraud and subject to administrative sanctions or imprisonment. Besides, that means the court rejected Wright’s explanation that he could not obtain the Bitcoin wallet address information because it was under control.

Wright is about to receive over 1 million BTC

Today is the day the bonded express delivery company is expected to hand over Craig Wright, the keys for about 1 million BTC ($ 8 billion). And now, people are patiently waiting for the arrival of a bonded courier. Wright has previously told the court that the key to the money he owns in Tulip Trust will be transferred by bonded express delivery. Also, Wright has stated that the keys to this Bitcoin number are unattainable and are shared among different key holders.

The story of bonded express delivery makes us laugh. Even many people believe that this is just a story Wright made up. Therefore, it is highly likely that Wright will not receive any keys, and he will give another reason to continue to make up his claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. The reason why many skeptics Wright continued to doubt him was that Wright had told Bloomberg that he not sure when the bonded courier would arrive. And Wright also won’t be dumping his BTC anyway.

Wright shares:

“I have no intention of leaving my family’s BTC as some doubt or want because this will hurt many people in the industry.”

While this story hasn’t subsided, the cryptocurrency community continues to laugh about Wright’s earlier claims. On November 12, 2018, Wright mentioned a fatal flaw in the Bitcoin network.

At the time, Wright said:

“They will learn next year that there is a fatal flaw in BTC, and by fatal, I mean there won’t be any BTC by the end of next year.”

Not everyone doubts Wright

Besides the jokes about Craig Wright, there are many BSV fans who still wholeheartedly trust him. Some even believe that Wright won’t use keys immediately, and they think that events related to Satoshi will occur at an unexpected time. They also decided to host the Tulip Trust Party on the Bitcoin SV Channel today.


Phil Wilson, aka ‘Scronty’ claims to be part of the Satoshi Nakamoto team but does not have any hard evidence to prove this claim

However, Wright did not have the trust of his fans. He has a very limp attitude and never answers when the courses will be coming.

Wright shares the following:

“As I explained in court proceedings, I believe that I will receive information in January 2020 that will allow us to identify the currencies I mine into our companies in 2009 and 2010. But I do not guarantee that all that information will come in. I have not said that private keys for those coins will be available. Or, if so, I do not guarantee that they will arrive in January of the year. 2020. In the next few weeks, we will hold trust meetings and take the following steps by 2020.”

Although Wright explained that the information of the Tulip Trust might not come as expected. However, the story of bonded express delivery still has many curious people. Since 2015 and with all the comments from Wright in the billion-dollar lawsuit that began in 2018, Tulip Trust has existed in the community even though no one has ever seen this trust work out. Wright’s detractors believe the bonded courier story is just an illusion. And the leaked Tulip Trust document is nothing more than a donkey.

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