Harmony became the first Binance IEO project to implement swap tokens

2019 is the year of Binance IEO. Many people have been wondering which project will pioneer private token issuance in 2020?

The answer is yes. Harmony has officially become the first.

Binance has announced that they will support swap tokens for Harmony. Since raising $ 5 million in IEO in May 2019, ONE has existed as a placeholder token on both Binance Chain and Ethereum. Now, it will be transferred to its own ONE token on its mainnet. This is the first Binance Launchpad project with a swap token supported by the exchange.

According to Binance, the withdrawal of money for ONE will be suspended starting from 02/02 AM 02:00 AM (UTC). The exchange will handle all technical requirements related to all users who are hodl ONE in their Binance account.

Harmony is one of Binance Labs’ top investments, so this announcement is no surprise. The project claims to be the first shard proof-of-stake network launched, but other blockchain startups are also actively working on releasing their own sharded networks.

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