Hackers moved $80 million in crypto assets from Liquid exchange, including 11 million XRP

Over $80 million worth of digital assets has been removed from the Liquid Global exchange. Kucoin has responded by blacklisting the addresses that received stolen funds.

Liquid exchange hacked to the tune of $80 million

According to an announcement from the Twitter channel of Japanese crypto exchange Liquid, the platform was hacked, losing $80 in crypto, including 11 million XRP, some TRON (TRX), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH).

In it, Liquid confirmed the security breach and disclosed the wallet address involved in the breach. The exchange noted that only its MPC wallet was affected, adding that its assets are currently being moved into cold storage. For now, the exchange has suspended withdrawals and deposits, promising to provide regular updates as its investigation unfolds.

Furthermore, Liquid confirmed hackers stole over 100 BTC, nearly 10 million TRX, 11 million XRP, and almost $60 million in ETH and various ERC20-based tokens.

Furthermore, some claim that the Ethereum wallet compromised the deposits held from crypto profit provider Celsius Network. In April, Celsius announced that it had integrated with Liquid to offer customers a compound interest in digital asset purchases. Another exchange, KuCoin, promptly responded to the hack by blacklisting the addresses involved in the hack, according to a tweet from the exchange’s CEO, Jonny Lyu.


Source: Jonny Lyu/Twitter

In addition, Whale Alert also detected 9,844,490 XRP being transferred to the XRP address mentioned as belonging to the hacker in Liquid’s tweet.


Source: Bithomp

According to Bithomp, we can see three transfers, totaling approximately 11.5 million XRP, have been conducted to that wallet.

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