Hacker Restores 4.999 ETH to HTX Exchange and Earns 250 ETH Bonus

In a surprising turn of events, the hacker responsible for the attack on the HTX Exchange (formerly Huobi Global) in late September has returned the entire 4,999 ETH that was siphoned from the platform.

According to reports from Lookonchain, the hacker sent back the stolen funds to HTX’s hot wallet through two transactions, accompanied by a message that read as follows: “Received your message.white hat bonus to 0x1Fc8674A51D6b97C968BE384337519CE7003152B .your system hot wallet private key leak, you should change the system hot wallet address and reduce the system hot wallet rate.”

This unexpected act of returning the stolen cryptocurrency comes on the heels of HTX’s attempt to negotiate with the hacker. Shortly after the attack on September 25th, the exchange reached out to the hacker, offering them the opportunity to keep 5% of the stolen funds as a bug bounty reward, with the condition that they return the money by October 2nd. The exchange claimed to have identified the hacker and stated that they would involve law enforcement if the deadline was not met.

Currently, there are various speculations surrounding the identity of the hacker and the methods employed to breach HTX’s security. Some theories suggest that the individual responsible may have had insider knowledge, potentially being a current or former employee of the exchange. However, as of now, no official confirmation has been provided by any involved parties.

Based on the transaction records on Etherscan, HTX exchange has transferred a bonus of 250 ETH ( 5%) to the hacker.

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