Google Trends: Keyword “Bitcoin Iran” has increased by 4,450%

Bitcoin is benefiting from the current Iranian incident when the Internet community is searching for the keyword Bitcoin 50 times before. According to Google Trends, the number of searches for “Bitcoin Iran” has increased by 4,450% in the last seven days.

The sharp increase in Bitcoin prices led to … searches Bitcoin Iran

According to data from Google Trends, the number of searches for the keyword “Bitcoin Iran” has increased by 4,450% in the last seven days.


Data from Google Trends for the search volume of the keyword “Bitcoin Iran” for the past seven days | Source: Google Trends

The phrase “Bitcoin” has also shown signs of skyrocketing globally, reaching the 100 marks on the Google scale compared to 40 a week ago.

Nigeria tops the list when it is the most searched country. Canada, Singapore, and the USA are the countries that search for many keywords, “Bitcoin Iran.”


Source: Google Trends

This makes sense, given that Bitcoin has surged by 15%. Many analysts say geopolitical fluctuations are often the factor that drives Bitcoin prices soaring.

Sell ​​”rumors”

Many others think the interaction is unconvincing, and this is just a way to “legalize” Bitcoin’s price.

Bitcoin’s search move has been on the rise for the last year. In December, the topic of “Bitcoin halving” also showed signs of reversing and setting an uptrend in search volume.

Last week, several reports said the Bitcoin exchange rate difference in Iran increased sharply. However, this source was later corrected, and the exchange rate was due to the activities of the black market.

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