Google Search Interest in Bitcoin Reverts to 2020 Levels

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, the dynamics between market trends and Google search scores have long been recognized as interconnected. The greater the interest in a digital asset like Bitcoin, the more likely it is to influence both its market price and the frequency of Google searches for the term ‘Bitcoin.’ However, a recent anomaly in this relationship has caught the attention of market observers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

Over the last two years, Bitcoin has seen a rollercoaster ride in terms of its price. From reaching dizzying heights of $69,000 in November 2021 to plummeting to a low of $15,400 per BTC in November 2022, Bitcoin has experienced both bull and bear markets that have left investors and traders on the edge of their seats. Presently, Bitcoin finds itself in a consolidation phase, with prices oscillating between the $24,700 and $31,800 range since March 2023.

Google Trends scores for Bitcoin. Source: Google

One would naturally expect that as Bitcoin’s price recovers year-over-year from its recent lows, there would be a corresponding increase in search interest for the cryptocurrency on Google. Historically, this has been the case, with Bitcoin’s price movements closely mirroring the peaks and valleys of Google search scores. However, the latest data has left analysts scratching their heads.

Recent findings from the financial data platform, Finbold, reveal a perplexing trend. The Google Trends search score for the keyword ‘Bitcoin’ reached startlingly low levels on October 12, 2023. As of the time of this report, the score stood at a mere 14 for the current week. It’s important to note that the week isn’t concluded yet, and the score could change slightly until October 14. However, it’s worth noting that the previous week’s scores of 16 and 15 are already as low as those observed during the same period in 2020. Intriguingly, during Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in 2021, the search score reached an all-time high of 100 during the week of May 16 to May 22.

This drastic divergence in the relationship between Bitcoin’s price and Google search scores is raising questions and fueling speculations. Several theories are being put forth to explain this unusual occurrence.

One hypothesis is that market participants, particularly institutional investors, are now so deeply involved in the cryptocurrency space that they have become less reliant on Google searches for information. Instead, they may have established alternative sources of information or trading strategies. This shift in market dynamics could explain why Bitcoin’s price is not responding as expected to the search interest.

Another possibility is that Bitcoin is undergoing a phase where long-term investors are dominating the market, resulting in less speculative trading activity. These investors may be less prone to search for information or news updates on Google, and their actions might not be as closely tied to search scores as short-term traders.

It’s also worth considering the impact of regulatory changes and external factors on Bitcoin’s search interest. As governments worldwide implement various regulations and policies surrounding cryptocurrencies, the market may be responding in ways that aren’t immediately reflected in Google search data.

In conclusion, the surprising disconnection between Bitcoin’s price and Google search scores raises important questions about the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency markets. While the historical correlation between the two metrics has been a reliable indicator of market sentiment and performance, the recent divergence suggests that Bitcoin’s landscape is changing. Whether this trend persists or proves to be an outlier remains to be seen, but it underscores the need for a deeper understanding of how cryptocurrency markets operate in this rapidly changing environment.

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