Google lifted a ban on Bitcoin advertising imposed for more than three years since today

In an “Update to Financial products and services policy” announcement in June 2021, Google said it would update the policy to clarify the scope and requirements to allow the advertisement of cryptocurrency-related business and services.

Google starts running Bitcoin advertising beginning August 3

Starting from today (August 3), Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading companies can once again advertise on the search giant and the many websites that make up part of its platform. As such, Google has lifted the crypto advertising ban that has been in place for more than three years since March 2018.

Therefore, if you try to search for the keyword “bitcoin” on Google, you will see the top result showing an ad from the Coinbase exchange.


Coinbase’s bitcoin ad on Google, August 2021

“Beginning August 3, advertisers offering Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets targeting the United States may advertise those products and services,” Google said back in June.

To be certified by Google, advertisers will need to be duly registered with FinCEN as a Money Services Business and with at least one state as a money transmitter. Or, advertisers must be registered with a federal or state-chartered bank entity. In addition, the relevant legal requirements, including any local legal requirements, whether at a state or federal level. Ensure their ads and landing pages comply with all Google Ads policies

It’s unclear what effect this will have, but the advertising is clearly effective. Hence why companies continue to do it. Bitcoin itself does not have a marketing budget, relying instead on companies that provide bitcoin services to do the marketing. The lifting of this ban by Google will allow those companies to advertise again, something that could increase the visibility of BTC.

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