Google has restored the Android application of MetaMask

The Google App Store has long been famous for having unusually strict rules regarding crypto-related applications. Especially applications that provide financial services. In the past, Google Play hosted a lot of legitimate crypto apps. However, perhaps because the previous censorship mechanism is still loose, there have been quite several fake and fraudulent applications that intruded and greatly affected the security and user assets. Therefore, any cryptocurrency project must be censored by Google over and over again. And probably because of a misunderstanding that MetaMask violated its cryptocurrency mining ban, Google removed the Ethereum (ETH) wallet as well as the MetaMask dApp from the Google Play store. However, perhaps realizing its mistake, Google restores MetaMask on its platform.


Google restores MetaMask, spinning the cryptocurrency community

After temporarily removing the MetaMask app on the Google Play store last week, Google has now restored it.

The MetaMask team has tried to appeal to the Google removal decision and has been successful. It seems that after a period of review of MetaMask’s operating policy, Google changed its mind.

As AZCoin News once mentioned, last week, Google suspended the MetaMask application, citing a policy of banning cryptocurrency mining applications from the Google Play store. However, it is worth mentioning that MetaMask does not provide mining services. It’s just a browser extension that allows users to run decentralized Ethereum applications.

However, there are quite a several smart contracts operating on MetaMask that allow the creation of HEX tokens in exchange for ETH. The process is more like buying tokens than mining. However, “nearly” is enough to conflict with Google’s rules about providing financial support for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the fact that MetaMask offers a way to exploit HEX has been considered a scam.

Once the application has been restored, MetaMask says this experience has made the application stronger and more powerful. MetaMask has about 264,000 monthly active users. This app has been impersonated many times in the past. In February 2019, Lukas Stefanko, an internet security researcher at Eset, found a malicious application on the Android/Clipper.C platform, intending to impersonate the MetaMask application.


Source: Welivesecurity

The report indicates that Ethereum owners who downloaded the application may have their private keys stolen and result in the loss of unjust money. Like other clipper types, this malware can also take control of the victim’s cache to replace their Bitcoin or Ethereum addresses.

Not long ago, YouTube also flagged, or even removed, many videos related to cryptocurrencies of famous crypto influencers. However, just like Google, YouTube soon restored the videos and apologized to the community.

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