Google delisted MetaMask from Play store with citing “deceptive service,” the giant is suppressing crypto?

Google has unexpectedly delisted the Android client application of MetaMask from its Play app store.

Google MetaMask 1

MetaMask has officially disappeared from the Google store. Source: Google Play

MetaMask appealed but was rejected

The MetaMask team announced on December 26 that Google had delisted MetaMask’s Android client application from the Google Play app store, claiming that MetaMask violated Google’s financial services policy.

Google has cited its policy of banning cryptocurrency mining on mobile devices. The MetaMask team tried to appeal the decision to ban MetaMask from the Google app store, but to no avail, because Google rejected the appeal.

Co-leader of MetaMask developer Dan Findlay said:

“I very much hope that this is a mistake for Google reviewers, but combined with all crypto bans on YouTube, I’m really fed up with how Google engages in decentralized technologies. If people accept this behavior from an exclusive entity like Google,
we may not deserve better things.”

This is not a sudden ban and there is no single explanation that Google issued this week.

Over the past several days, YouTube, the Google-owned video giant, has removed videos from the accounts of some cryptocurrency-related content creators. Today, however, a YouTube representative stated that the removal was made in error and some content has begun to be restored, as AZCoin News reported.

Is Google testing the crypto community?

The crypto community is puzzled by the actions of Google and Youtube in the past few days. Many people are wondering what the hell is going on and wondering if Google is trying to remove crypto.

Google MetaMask 3

Source: Reddit

However, the unilateral nature that YouTube videos have been deleted and later restored has caused many content creators to start exploring moving to the decentralized video hosting alternatives.

MetaMask lacks support from ConsenSys

A Metamask contributor has reported that the MetaMask team is completely overwhelming and not preferred by parent company ConsenSys.

In a Reddit post on December 25, Reddit user lazaridiscom3 alleged that the MetaMask team did not receive the necessary support from ConsenSys, and thus confused all 24 employees.

[CRITICAL] Help MetaMask out of its Activity-Trap from r/ethereum

The post wrote the MetaMask team had some unresolved issues and its internal workflow structure is neither transparent nor decentralized.

User Lazaridiscom said he was participating in the project as a contributor, citing his account on GitHub. As part of the proposed solutions to existing problems, the contributor urged that the MetaMask team need to move entirely through TypeScript immediately.

The developer further suggested that ConsenSys needs to implement a more rigorous evaluation of ‘Spokes’, a set of strict and binding rules for public projects. He also argued that ConsenSys’s software project (called Gitcoin) needs to be more controlled and to become more attractive.

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