Google Cloud has joined the Enterprise Validator Program for Theta Labs

Blockchain-based streaming video platform operator Theta Labs announced that it has added Google Cloud as a network validator alongside today’s Theta Mainnet 2.0 launch.

Google is the latest company to join Theta’s Enterprise Validator Program, which also includes Binance, Blockchain Ventures, and Japanese company gumi Cryptos. Thanks to the partnership, any Google Cloud user can now deploy a Theta node via the Google Cloud Marketplace.

As part of the partnership, the tech giant is assisting Theta with its Mainnet 2.0 launch, a hard fork happening around noon Pacific time on Wednesday, said Theta Labs CEO Mitch Liu.

“Theta is unique in that their video delivery network needs both a reliable, high-performance network – which we provide via our premium network tier – as well as reputable node operators to ensure protocol security,” said Google Cloud developer advocate Allen Day.

Google Cloud will also power the cloud infrastructure underpinning the video platform. is a crypto-powered 24/7 streaming service broadcasting Esports, poker tournaments, and major blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences including Consensus and the Crypto Asia Summit. Users’ engagement on the platform is rewarded in the form of Theta’s proprietary rewards token “G Fuel.”

Theta’s mainnet 2.0 launch follows a spate of high-profile partnerships over recent weeks, including a deal with Samsung to launch the Theta app across 75 million Android smartphones worldwide.

Theta also plans to further collaborate with Google’s artificial intelligence, machine-learning and big-data initiatives. Google also owns YouTube, a key target for Theta’s partnership aspirations.

“YouTube is particularly interesting because they utilize mostly internally-developed technology for video delivery and streaming, which makes experimentation a lot easier without having to rely on external platforms like Akamai or AWS,” Liu said.

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