SkyWay prohibited partners from mentioning their brand

Skyway – From a visionary project to change the transport infrastructure to reduce the congestion story, many people are now ‘transforming’ the project with the ambition of becoming a billionaire.

As AZ Coin News reported, Skyway describes itself as “a project was developed by Russian engineer Anatoly Eduardovich Unitsky which is an innovative second-level transport technology of infrastructure system. The essence of the technology is that the train moves at high speed on a completely flat steel rail structure on the ground, which is fixed at the two ends of t0he anchor support. ”

The father of this project, Mr. Anatoly Yunitskiy is a Russian-Belarusian engineer, author, and scientist who has been working on the project since 1977.

skyway scam

Anatoly Yunitskiy, Skyway’s creator

Some advertising information said, Skyway is a breakthrough in the world transportation industry. The Group is not a small project but has been made into historical footage and written into science books. Skyway has been regularly reported in the press for many years by the media and television for the new generation of modern and technologically advanced transport technology models of the future.

Scam or not?

Although countries such as Australia, India, Indonesia, Italy, and Lithuania have conducted negotiations with this Group, this story was postponed with a reason for concern about the project’s safety and financial irregularities.

It is known that Skyway Capital operates through the website: www.Skyway.capital. According to the site, the company’s main task is to support the Skyway project, an innovative transportation system.

Through the website and social media platforms, the company is seeking funding for the project. The content of the website states: “We are not looking for sponsors; we suggest you create your capital from the stock’s growth and receive future lifetime dividends.”

The company itself is also publicly available at 10 Great Russell Street, London, United Kingdom WC18 3BQ, and another Russian location at 22 Schipok str., Bldg. 1, Moscow.

Claiming to be the mission of saving the planet, Skyway Group from faraway Belarus has promised high-interest rates; buy shares at discount rates up to a few dozen times, even hundreds of times of the real face value; a chance to get rich quick and become a millionaire in just a few years. These unbelievably compelling advertisements are flooding social networks, as well as conferences and seminars.

“If you want to own shares of Skyway Group, there are many packages suitable for individual needs. The lowest package is the $ 250 package that buys 6250 shares, priced at US $ 1 by the Finance Commission. When listing with the floor price of 1 USD or more, the end of the session will not be 1 USD anymore, “the representative of the Group said.

Skyway’s offering packages are featured on forums

Skyway’s offering packages are featured on forums

In early July 2018, New Zealand’s Financial Market Authority (FMA) once issued a warning to investors of Skyway Capital and Skyway Group.

FMA is not the first watchdog to “flag” Skyway Capital’s activities. The authorities in Belgium, Lithuania, and Estonia have all warned about the activities of the company and its associates beforehand.

Skyway bans partners to mention their brand publicly

The Skyway Capital Ponzi brand is toxic. It’s so toxic that Skyway Capital has completely banned affiliate investors from publicly mentioning their brand.

According to a press release published earlier this month, SkyWay banned its partners:

“Publish in personal accounts of social networks, public groups, forums and any other resources, as well as the use of drawings, illustrations, images, images and videos with images of SkyWay chain objects and tracking structures in the presentation, use logos, logos, images of the official representative of SkyWay, including photos of technology author – Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitsky.

Provide personal assessments of current events related to SkyWay technology and provide them in the form of official information.

Disseminate information without official confirmation (except for information published on official sources of SkyWay group of companies)”.

Skyway Capital also urgently requests:

“Deleting all previously published information may harm the reputation of the SkyWay group of companies, especially all information on the development of technology in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Do not participate in debates, do not comment on posts and news related to the development of SkyWay technology in social networking groups and public forums on the Internet”.

Not only that, but they also banned use the names of the SkyWay and SWIG group of companies:

“Instead of “SkyWay” – “Innovative transport technologies”;

Instead of “SWIG” – “NEEW group of companies”;

Instead of “SWIG PA” – “TNG PA” (Transnet group).”

A rather humorous warning in SkyWay’s press release is, “Violating this ban will be considered intentional vandalism! The accounts of violators will be blocked without the right to recover.”

Not long ago, the group announced the need for information silence regarding the group of companies and shipping chain SkyWay due to the rapid development in the Middle East.

Their somewhat bizarre press release came as they tried to change the brand of their group of companies to NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World) and took effect from November 20. It includes the Transnet group (instead of SWIG), Academy of a Private Investor, and the “CryptoUnit” Program.

‘New Economic Evolution of the World’ is a marketing term Skyway Capital was first used in December 2017.

As for what is behind the new economic development of the panicked world and the separation of Skyway Capital, we often see this kind of tool when banking channels are at stake.

The UAE is not known for its regulation of MLM Ponzi schemes, so it’s very likely that the NEEW is an attempt to keep banking channels open. A clean company name is intended to deceive financial management agencies.

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