GMO Coin Becomes First Japanese Exchange to List Astar Network Tokens

GMO Coin, the cryptocurrency exchange operated by GMO Coin, a subsidiary of GMO Financial Holdings, has announced that it will list Astar (ASTR) for trading on its platform. This move makes GMO Coin the first Japanese exchange to support both EVM and native deposits for Astar. The exchange will start trading the token after its regular maintenance on March 22, 2023.

Astar Network is a Japanese blockchain launched in January 2022 that aims to connect with Polkadot’s network to enable interoperability between different blockchains. It has become the third blockchain to win a slot to connect with Polkadot and aims to be the hub between other blockchains. ASTR is the native token used for governance voting, dApp developer incentives, and payment of transaction fees.

GMO Coin’s decision to list ASTR on its platform is significant for the Japanese cryptocurrency market. With GMO Coin’s experience and knowledge in financial services, the exchange can provide a secure environment for trading cryptocurrencies. Astar’s integration of Ethereum and WebAssembly makes it an attractive proposition for GMO Coin, which is looking to promote Web3 in Japan.

“We are pleased to list Astar Network tokens on GMO Coin, as Astar has the advantages of the Ethereum environment and WebAssembly, the next-generation environment for blockchains. We look forward to working closely with GMO Group to promote Web3 in Japan.” Sota Watanabe, co-founder of Astar Network says.

The exchange will start accepting deposits for ASTR after the regular maintenance on March 22, 2023, and will begin trading the token at 18:00 on the same day. The minimum order quantity is 10 ASTR per trade, while the maximum order quantity is 50,000 ASTR per trade, with a maximum daily trade quantity of 1,000,000 ASTR.

The ASTR token will have a minimum order quantity of 10 ASTR per trade, with a minimum order unit of 1 ASTR per trade. The maximum order quantity will be 50,000 ASTR per trade, with a maximum trading quantity of 1,000,000 ASTR per day.

The announcement of the ASTR listing has been met with excitement from the cryptocurrency community, with GMO Coin also announcing a celebratory event where users can win Amazon gift cards by following and retweeting their announcement.

The listing of ASTR on GMO Coin’s platform is a significant development for the Japanese cryptocurrency market. GMO Coin’s reputation for providing a secure environment for cryptocurrency trading, coupled with Astar’s integration of Ethereum and WebAssembly, makes it an exciting proposition for both investors and traders. This move is expected to boost the adoption of Web3 in Japan and is a positive sign for the future of cryptocurrency in the country.

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