GLMR, APT, CYBER Tokens Set for Major Unlocks

In a move set to impact the cryptocurrency landscape, Token Unlock has revealed data suggesting significant token unlocks for GLMR, APT, and CYBER between January 8 and January 14. These unlocks are expected to inject substantial amounts of tokens into circulation, potentially influencing the market dynamics.

Moonbeam’s GLMR Token Unlock: January 11, 08:00

Moonbeam’s GLMR token is scheduled for a one-time unlock, releasing 304 tokens into the market. This translates to approximately $1.2 million in value, accounting for 0.38% of the circulating supply. The timing of this release is slated for January 11 at 08:00 UTC.

Aptos’ APT Token Unlock: January 12, 09:59

Aptos is preparing to unlock a staggering 24.84 million tokens, an approximate value of $225 million. This significant release constitutes 8.05% of the circulating supply of APT tokens. The scheduled time for this unlock is January 12 at 09:59 UTC.

CyberConnect’s CYBER Token Unlock: January 14, 22:24

CyberConnect’s CYBER token is set to release 1.26 million tokens into the market, equivalent to around $9.03 million. This unlock represents 8.51% of the circulating supply of CYBER tokens, and the scheduled time for this release is January 14 at 22:24 UTC.

Source: Token Unlock

These token unlocks are anticipated to have a notable impact on the respective projects and the wider cryptocurrency market. Such releases often raise questions and discussions within the crypto community, as they can influence token prices, market liquidity, and investor sentiment.

For investors and enthusiasts tracking these projects, these unlocking events can serve as significant moments to gauge the behavior of the market and the project’s performance post-release. There’s usually an anticipation of increased volatility surrounding these unlock events, with potential implications for both short-term traders and long-term holders.

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