Get to know “Jaewoo Cho”, the South Korean assistant professor who is “obsessed” with finding Do Kwon

Amidst the ongoing search for Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, a South Korean professor has been closely following his movements. Jaewoo Cho, an expert in blockchain and assistant professor at Hansung University in Seoul, has been monitoring Kwon’s activities and online presence, even though Kwon has been on the run from Interpol for several months.

“I have been quite obsessed with his whereabouts and online information,” Cho told DL News, a South Korean news outlet. He added that the information he has gathered has made him feel like he is getting to know Kwon on a personal level. When asked why he has been tracking Kwon’s movements for so long, Cho replied, “I just like it… Doxxing is my hobby.”

Cho is not the only one who has been curious about Kwon’s whereabouts. Terraform Labs was at the center of a major event that caused the crypto market to collapse in May of last year. The collapse of Terraform Labs led to the collapse of Three Arrows Capital, the hedge fund that lent money to Voyager, and the large trading website FTX, among others.

Kwon became a fugitive after South Korea and the United States charged him with fraud involving billions of dollars. Interpol is also seeking Kwon’s arrest. South Korean authorities say that Kwon is hiding in Serbia, while Kwon denies that he is on the run. Cho believes that Kwon may have predicted the downfall of Terraform Labs as he pointed out the structural weaknesses of the project as early as April 2019.

Cho pointed out the potential risks of Terraform Labs, including the possibility of a black swan event that could be difficult to predict. He believes that Kwon may have been aware of these risks, which is why he may have gone into hiding. Kwon’s disappearance has raised concerns in the crypto community, with some speculating that he may be involved in a major scam.

While the search for Kwon continues, his disappearance has shed light on the potential risks associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The collapse of Terraform Labs has highlighted the need for more transparency and accountability in the crypto market, as well as the need to address structural weaknesses in blockchain projects.

As for Cho, he continues to track Kwon’s movements, driven by his interest in doxxing and his fascination with the world of blockchain. While the search for Kwon may eventually come to an end, the impact of his disappearance on the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is likely to be felt for some time to come.

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