GET Protocol is integrating Chainlink VRF to randomly distribute tickets in a provably fair manner

Blockchain-based event ticketing solution GET Protocol is integrating Chainlink VRF to randomly distribute tickets in a provably fair manner. This provides users with unique guarantees that popular sold-out tickets won’t be unfairly taken by promoters.

By integrating Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Randomness Function) in GET Protocol’s digital waiting line, ticket buyers for popular events are provided with an honest and transparent chance of buying a ticket, according to the announcement on July 17.

For popular events where ticket demand exceeds the available supply, the order of the waiting line will be shuffled randomly, as to provide a fair opportunity for all fans to get their hands on a ticket.

Maarten Bloemers, CEO and co-founder of GET Protocol:

‘We are completely convinced that the application of blockchain is the future of the multi-billion dollar ticketing industry. Not only does it solve huge issues like scalping and fraud, it provides much-needed transparency and restores value to the rightful owner.

With Chainlink VRF as our randomness provider, a valuable layer of transparency is added to our system. We are working hard to achieve our goal of becoming the worldwide standard for tickets-on-blockchain. With this integration I believe we are one step closer to our goal.’

GET Protocol is one of the crypto & blockchain projects that deals with significant real-world usage and adoption. Over the course of several years, more than a thousand events have been ticketed using the protocol, making hundreds of thousands of music, theater, and sports fans unknowing users of blockchain technology.

Chainlink has long been known as one of the cutting edge blockchain projects out there, with its decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments.

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