Generative NFT Tool: Find Satoshi Lab (STEPN) Unveils AI-Generated Content Product on Solana Blockchain

Find Satoshi Lab, the developer behind Move-to-Earn game STEPN (GMT) and NFT marketplace MOOAR, has just announced the launch of its AI Generated Content (AIGC) product on the Solana blockchain. The product, which has been named Generative NFT Tool (GNT), is set to offer a one-stop-shop for creators to create and mint their own NFTs on MOOAR.

The GNT tool aims to onboard the next generation of creators with its user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for any knowledge of AI, prompt engineering, or smart contract deployment. The alpha testing version of GNT will be available on MOOAR in the upcoming days, and will be free to try for a limited period of time.

GNT’s unique features include an in-house prompt generator to help creators write better prompts, as well as an AI model to turn those prompts into PFP style NFTs. During the testing period, users will be able to generate sneaker style PFPs. GNT allows batch creation of up to 1,000 NFTs, which are automatically uploaded to the blockchain and start a public sale.

The impact of GNT on the industry is significant as it will lower the barrier of entry to the NFT creator market, allowing both people and businesses from both Web2 and Web3 to issue their own collection for private and commercial purposes. The creative potential of this tool is endless.

GNT will also create new utilities for GMT, including burning GMT for NFTs creation, as well as a level and loyalty system with rewards for trading NFTs. The level and reward system encourages users to trade NFTs in GMT, creating a GMT liquidity pool tied to NFTs on MOOAR.

MOOAR is a membership-based NFT Marketplace and Launchpad on Solana and Ethereum. The platform aims to drastically lower the barrier of entry to create NFT collections and assist creators to initially offer them to the market. The platform also aims to make NFT trading fun and rewarding, with rewards distributed in a fun way over a long period. The MOOAR Launchpad aims to discover future blue chip NFT projects that have great utilities, not limited to PFP, through the community voting process.

Overall, GNT is a significant development in the NFT creator market, providing creators with a user-friendly tool to create and mint NFTs. The impact of GNT on GMT and the NFT industry, in general, is substantial, with the potential to break through its own ecosystem use and allow projects outside FSL to utilize it.

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