Gala Games Unveils PokerGO Play: Beta Launch of Next-Gen Poker with NFTs

Gala Games, the pioneering developer of the Web3 game ecosystem, has unveiled the beta launch of its highly anticipated next-generation poker game, PokerGO Play. This innovative game brings together the worlds of poker and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), promising players an immersive gaming experience with unique benefits and exciting possibilities.

During the beta version, players have the opportunity to earn exclusive game-original NFTs by achieving success in 10 matches. These NFTs hold immense value within the game, unlocking various abilities and upgrades for the players’ avatars. Additionally, players will be rewarded with a special code, granting them complimentary access to PokerGO, a premium streaming service dedicated to poker, for an impressive three months.

The integration of NFTs into “PokerGO Play” takes gaming to a whole new level. The “Frame NFT” assumes a central role in the game, determining the number of slots for avatar abilities and upgrades, the daily starting chip count, and the carryover rate of daily chips. The rarity of these NFTs directly impacts the advantages and enhancements players can enjoy in the game.

Fortune may smile upon a select few players who will get the chance to play with exclusive and rare NFT avatars, enhancing their gaming experience even further. These rare avatars not only bestow unique attributes upon the players but may also grant special raffle tickets, adding an exciting element of surprise and reward.

Once the game transitions to its official version, NFT holders will have the opportunity to apply their tokens for the GALA token lottery, providing them with increased chances of participating in this thrilling event. By actively playing the game, players can boost their odds of success in the lottery, creating an engaging dynamic between gameplay and cryptocurrency.

Gala Games’ decision to partner with PokerGO, a leading poker show streaming service, has opened doors for a myriad of opportunities. The collaboration has paved the way for limited events related to the prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP), creating unique gaming experiences that are closely tied to the real-world poker events.

Even before the game’s official launch, Gala Games will make NFTs available on its dedicated store, granting early investors and enthusiasts the chance to acquire and trade these exclusive assets. Although the NFTs cannot be used in-game until the official release, their availability on the secondary market ensures a thriving community even before the game’s debut.

The convergence of poker and NFTs in PokerGO Play heralds a new era in the gaming industry, offering players unprecedented opportunities to own, trade, and utilize unique digital assets. As the beta testing continues, excitement and anticipation grow among the gaming community, eager to explore this cutting-edge blend of traditional poker gameplay and innovative blockchain technology.

The future of gaming is evolving, and Gala Games’ PokerGO Play stands at the forefront, inviting players on an unforgettable journey into the world of NFT-powered poker. Brace yourselves for a thrilling experience that promises to reshape the landscape of online gaming forever.

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