Fusionist’s Beta Test Promises Thrilling Challenges and ACE Token Airdrop

Fusionist, the innovative gaming platform, is gearing up to launch its highly-anticipated game beta testing on May 22nd. Gamers from around the world will have the chance to compete for the exclusive NFT – Astral Access whitelist by completing various tasks.

Successful participants will be rewarded with a game Steam beta test access code upon minting the NFT. The beta test will run until June 8th, giving testers ample time to play the game and accomplish in-game achievements.

To sweeten the deal, Fusionist has also announced an exciting ACE token airdrop for testers and early adopters. The ACE token is the native currency of Endurance, the blockchain powering Fusionist. This airdrop aims to reward participants for their valuable feedback and support during the beta testing phase.

During the event, players will have the opportunity to earn Pulse, which are event credits within the Fusionist ecosystem. Pulse can be obtained by sharing referral links, consuming ACE tokens, completing Twitter tasks, and holding Fusionist NFTs. These Pulse points will contribute to players’ overall rankings and play a crucial role in unlocking exclusive rewards and bonuses in the game.

One of the highly sought-after items is the Pulse Reactor (BOAT), which can be obtained by accumulating a certain amount of Pulse. The Pulse Reactor enhances players’ chances of receiving the ACE token airdrop. Additionally, completing high-difficulty in-game achievements will enable players to acquire the Pioneer’s Wheel (BOAT), another valuable item that serves as a credential for the ACE airdrop.

Fusionist has also prepared extra rewards for players who are the first to accomplish specific achievements. These rewards include Alpha Prestige, Quartan Primes, and Bi·Mech, with a combined value exceeding $60,000 USD. Such incentives encourage players to showcase their skills and compete for recognition within the Fusionist community.

To participate in the beta testing and secure beta test access, players must mint the Astral Access (Key 1) NFT. Pulse rankings will determine eligibility for minting the key. The top 100 players will automatically qualify, while an additional 170 players will be selected from ranks 101 to 500 based on the value of their referral links. Once minted, Key 1 can be traded on secondary market platforms like Opensea.

Beta test access holders will receive a 15-bit Steam code via email, allowing them to download the game from the Steam platform and immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Fusionist.

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