Former employee of Goldman Sachs predicts parabolic rise for XRP price if Bitcoin returns to ATH

The famous Twitter user Will Meade – a former employee of financial giant Goldman Sachs – had caused a stir when he announced that he was buying XRP. Moreover, with the prediction that the XRP price will grow by 1500%, Meade is causing 86,000 followers on Twitter to explode!

Former employee of Goldman Sachs predicts parabolic rise for XRP price if Bitcoin returns to ATH

There is quite a bit of information suggesting that Meade is a former analyst at Goldman Sachs. But the company has no record of the time he used to work there. It seems that the confusion was caused by Meade’s Twitter bio, which states, “Former PM at Goldman Sachs founded $ 1.4 billion hedge fund.” Many news outlets read this as two separate statements, claiming he was a former portfolio manager at Goldman Sachs and that he had founded a $ 1.4 billion hedge fund.

However, an alternative reading (if you throw a hyphen in there) is that his bio claims that he worked for a Goldman Sachs-founded hedge fund, or a hedge fund founded by Goldman Sachs. On this reading, it’s probable that he was referring to when he worked at Wood Asset Management, a hedge fund established by Gary Wood — a former Goldman Sachs partner.

Meade also claimed that he was a Forbes editor. He also had an excerpt from his book, the secretive billionaire’s pamphlet, the attack, vowing to make stock options to turn people into millionaires overnight on-site version. But it was published under the subscription marketing of Forbes, a paid program.

A spokesman for Forbes said:

“We can confirm that William Meade was not a staff member, but we are looking into his previous association with us.”

Probably because of this mess, Meade was unable to afford XRP. So far, the XRP price has hovered around $ 0.197, down slightly by 1% in the past 24 hours.

On Meade’s prediction, a Bloomberg report noted that Bitcoin is in a transition phase to a form of digital gold. Due to current factors, especially the Covid-19 pandemic, the market favors and encourages a “stable” behavior in the price of BTC. Therefore, the cryptocurrency seems to resist rising above the price range it has had since the beginning of June. The report predicts a rise in the price of BTC towards $12,000 in the short term.

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