Former BitMEX CEO, who is wanted by the U.S. government, proposed to surrender to authorities in Hawaii on April 6

According to court filings, Arthur Hayes, the former chief executive officer of crypto exchange BitMEX, voluntarily surrendered to the authorities in Hawaii. Despite this, Hayes is currently in Singapore but has discussed surrendering in Hawaii and appearing from afar in a New York court.


Arthur Hayes, the former chief executive of crypto exchange BitMEX who is wanted by the U.S. government

BitMEX Arthur Hayes proposes surrender to U.S. authorities

Jessica Greenwood, the US assistant attorney in Manhattan, said:

“Agreements are under discussion to allow Hayes to live abroad and go to the US to appear in court. If there’s a trial, Hayes is going to New York.”

Hayes was among the founders and executives of BitMEX that was charged last year for violating the US Privacy Act by intentionally not setting up, implementing, and maintaining a proper anti-money laundering program on exchanges.

The authorities said:

“In doing so, they allegedly allowed BitMEX to function as a platform in the shadow of financial markets.”

Not long ago, Hayes, Benjamin Delo, Gregory Dwyer, and Samuel Reed were charged in New York. Hayes said BitMEX was incorporated in Seychelles because it could bribe the authorities there very cheaply. Meanwhile, Reed was arrested in Massachusetts last year, and federal authorities are still investigating the remaining defendants.

Since the case went public, Hayes resigned and the company reorganized the executive ranks and appointed a new chief executive. Currently, BitMEX is no longer in the top 5 of the largest exchanges in the market.

Hayes did not return a request for comment. The US attorney’s office for New York’s Southern District declined to comment.

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