Following Ivonne Ortiz’s five year prison sentence, OneCoin held a OneLife DealShaker event in Ecuador, continue to call investors to participate in the project

The OneCoin story never seems to end. Currently, OneCoin has hosted an OneLife DealShaker event in Ecuador. And at this time, they continue to call investors to participate in the project.

OneCoin scammer epic Ivonne Ortiz prison meltdown

Raul Pazos Medina even took thirty minutes to get investors to attend an event held last weekend on February 21.

Medina was also angry and talked about Ivonne Ortiz’s detention.

He stated:

“I have had a tremendously strong stress level. Thank you for 33 years for at least a little bit of gratitude and consideration for leadership. I know this is private and each of you has responsibilities but tomorrow do not call me with demands and also speak because I am in the same situation. What happened to a girl here that is the news. We take advantage of that and there are people who want to go and sue their own leaders.”

Medina continues to prevent OneCoin investors in Ecuador from complaining, citing the OneLife distribution arrangements they have signed.

He stated:

“When you entered OneLife you signed a digital terms and conditions contract. What is says in the terms and conditions is we enter as freelance sales partners or in English, Independent Marketing Associates. What that means is we do not have any dependence on the company and that our income is generated based on commercial distribution and productivity. The regulations say is prohibited to talk to others about investment. It is known that OneCoin also has provisions that other investors are prohibited from talking to others about investing.”

At one point, Medina referred to a national court of justice case in Romania.

He added:

“I’m not sure what exactly Medina is referencing here. I’m aware OneCoin holds crappy DealShaker events in Romania from time to time, but as far as I know Romanian regulators haven’t moved against OneCoin.”

The tax authorities are looking to recoup € 400,000 in unpaid tax payments from OneCoin affiliates in Romania, but we have not had any further information since March 2019. According to Medina, there have been some trials of how two years ago and OneCoin dominated.

Medina then spoke of Germany and claimed victory. This is another bizarre statement made, as OneCoin has been banned in Germany since 2017. Two German OneCoin scammers were acquitted in June 2020. Their defense is that they have relied on a dishonest report from the law firm SBS Legal (later Schulenberg and Schenk). Three other German OneCoin scammers were indicted in November 2020. That incident is still ongoing.

Medina did not include the US cases in her words.

With control of OneCoin, Ecuador now appears to have fallen into his hands, you can understand why he was so hot-tempered.

Ortiz was found guilty of potential marketing earnings through an unauthorized alternative currency. Whether the Ecuadorian authorities decide to settle publicly promoting a Ponzi scheme remains to be seen.

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