Following Binance, Huobi exchange announced the formation of Huobi Charity to help Wuhan’s Coronavirus Victims

Cryptocurrency companies are flocking to help victims of the coronavirus. Following Binance’s lead, Huobi exchange, the origin from China has also announced a charity fund.

A village in China blockade

China confirmed Wednesday that the number of people infected by a new form of coronavirus in the country has reached near 6.000, a total that surpasses the official cases tallied on the mainland during an outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002 and 2003. SARS infected 5,237 people in mainland China, and killed almost 800 people across the world.

Corona virus shows signs of spreading overseas with people who never visited China falling ill in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Huobi announced the formation of Huobi Charity

In response to the virus, cryptocurrency companies have stepped up to offer financial aid. Three days ago, Binance’s CEO tweeted that the global exchange platform has pledged 10m RMB ($1.5m USD) to help those impact by the illness.

For Wuhan, not realistic to do crypto to end beneficiaries. Binance pledged 10m RMB ($1.5m USD) to help Corona virus victims. We didn’t make any announcements. But BCF/Binance team has been busy for the last few days, said CZ.

Following Binance’s lead is Huobi. The Singapore-based exchange announced the formation of Huobi Charity on Tuesday. Set up as a response to the coronavirus, the first action of the new organization is to match Binance’s 10 million yuan fund with one of its own.

Huobi sends love and support to everyone impacted by the coronavirus. Huobi decides to establish Huobi Charity and set up a 10 Million RMB fund to purchase protective equipment and donate to the medical staff working at the frontline.

In another post, the new philanthropic wing of Huobi gives some details as to how the fund is being put to use. Local offices in South Korea, Japan, the US, Argentina, Thailand, Indonesia, and other locations are currently gathering protective medical equipment for those battling the virus.

Huobi explains that it has already delivered 20,000 N95 breathing masks to hospitals in Huangguang in the province of Hubei, China. More equipment gathered in global Huobi offices will reportedly arrive in Hubei province over the next two days. The exchange is hoping to provide another 200,000 sets of protective equipment to medical staff.

Tron, the blockchain from China also following Binance and Huobi to help Wuhan victims.

Tron Foundation calling on all the Tronics around the world to help those affected by sending medical necessities immediately.

We are deeply concerned and aware of the extreme shortage of medical supplies in Wuhan, China, hence we are calling all the Tronics around the world to help those affected by sending medical necessities immediately, said Tron.

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