FOIN token victims flock to the Thailand government for help

The victims of fraudulent projects, FOIN Token and Aliexchange, have filed a complaint with Mr. Samart Chenchai Jitwanit, Assistant Minister of Justice Requesting Justice of Thailand, that they have been deceived into investing and did not receive the profits as they were promised. The Foin price has dropped by more than 99%, almost 100%, resulting in a large number of investors suffering losses.

Deputy Minister of Justice set up a chain sharing for the victims of FOIN Token

In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Justice has also received a complaint from the victims from Share Osiris. They have invested in Prapaporn, a contractor for 300 items manufactured by Foin and Aliexchange, worth more than 1,000 million Baht.

Samat said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha had emphasized addressing all forms of fraud. By highlighting justice to create happiness for the people proactively, he noted that the Department of Special Investigation has actively prevented similar cases and planned public awareness education.


Source: Mgronline


Source: Mgronline


Source: Mgronline

Previously, Chenchai Jitwanit, the president of the Anti-Share Chain Confederation of Thailand, had vowed to help the victims of Foin coin.

However, no such group has been identified and revealed that they are victims of any chain sharing business. As for the details of the next steps in the process of assisting, there will be a report after this.

In short, the meeting agreed that a proposal to protect users from phishing projects should be established.

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