FirmaChain is integrating Chainlink to create more seamless digital contracts

Blockchain-based e-document solution FirmaChain is integrating Chainlink to create more seamless digital contracts. For example, car rental contracts using Chainlink to validate driver licenses within the signature process for better customer experience, according to the announcement on July 23.

With Chainlink’s “oracle” network integration, FirmaChain can add-in the DMV’s license database API on duite. Now the only thing the owner of the rental company has to do is sign the rental agreement with the customer and receive his/her driver’s license through duite. which will automatically be cross referenced with the DMV database. If the license were to turn out as fake, duite. will automatically nullify the rental agreement between the driver and the company and take necessary steps following the nullification of the agreement.

“Providing a seamless customer experience is our number one priority. Our focus is firmly set on searching reliable methods that would allow FirmaChain to successfully bring off-chain data into our on-chain solution. We are confident that our integration with Chainlink will bring our service to the next level thanks to the introduction of dynamic contracts that are securely connected to high-quality, real-world data.” said FirmaChain’s CEO, Youngin Yoon.

FirmaChain is the developer of electronic contract solution duite., a blockchain based Dapp that sets out to solve the problems of both traditional paper contracts as well as existing cloud based electronic contract platforms. Currently, Firmachain’s Dapp duite has a wide user base in East Asia and South East Asia.

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