Find Bitcoin treasures on Minecraft – a trend that is never outdated

The type of private key game that leads to millions of dollars of Bitcoin wallets hidden cleverly under pictures, or scattered throughout the Internet does not seem too new to the cryptocurrency community. However, every time this game Bitcoin treasures is launched, people are still interested in it because the number of hidden assets in it is too attractive.

Tracing Bitcoin treasures on Minecraft

A Minecraft SatoshiQuest mod has just appeared on the front page of the Bitcoin subreddit. As always, the goal of the game is simple. After the first login, players will receive a wallet address where they can send Bitcoin worth $ 1. This is still 100% open source and provides Giving players a unique Bitcoin wallet linked to their Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) in Minecraft.

SatoshiQuest a Bitcoin Minecraft Treasure hunt from r/Bitcoin

Players use Bitcoin deposits to buy lives. They can then embark on a battle royale-style quest to explore the vast Minecraft kingdom and find loot. The developer says that when someone is near the loot, the game will notify the player’s location. This allows other participants to rush and try to steal it.


Source: Reddit

The creator of SatoshiQuest said that all transactions are performed on the chain, and once the loot is found, the game will reset.

Decode the picture, take 2.1 Bitcoin

A series of Bitcoin treasure hunts have emerged over the years. In a tweet posted on January 16, Phemex shared a picture of a private key that opened a “treasure” containing 2.1 Bitcoin (worth about $ 18.900). At first glance, this is a portrait image made up of matrix barcodes.

One clue to this riddle is that the answer contains the first 21-digit prime number found in the successive digits of the mathematical constant ‘e – Euler number. Other clues are “ETH,” “XRP,” and “Phemex” scribbled in the picture. In addition to winning the person who solves the puzzle, Phemex also promises to reward $ 100 to anyone who retweet and tag friends, helping to bring the quiz to a potential person.

In January 2019, someone solved the bitcoin riddle hidden in the Paris street mural created by Pascal Boyart. In 2018, a couple successfully dealt with a three-year-old Bitcoin puzzle, carrying nearly 5 BTC worth approximately $ 50,000 at the time.

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