Fed Board to Review its Supervision of Silicon Valley Bank Following its Failure

The Federal Reserve Board has announced that it will conduct a review of its own supervision of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). The review is being led by Vice Chair for Supervision Michael S. Barr and is in response to SVB’s recent failure.

In a statement released on March 13, the Federal Reserve Board explained that the review will be “thorough, transparent, and swift.” The goal is to carefully examine how the Federal Reserve supervised and regulated SVB and what lessons can be learned from the experience.

Michael S. Barr

Chair Jerome H. Powell emphasized the need for humility and a careful approach to the review. He stated that the events surrounding SVB demand a transparent and thorough investigation by the Federal Reserve.

SVB is a bank that primarily serves technology and innovation companies in Silicon Valley. The bank has faced significant challenges in recent years, including issues with compliance and risk management.

The review is expected to be publicly released by May 1. It will be closely watched by the banking industry and investors, as it could have implications for the regulation and oversight of other banks that serve technology companies.

The announcement of the review comes amid growing concerns about the regulation of technology companies in general. In recent years, tech giants like Facebook and Google have faced increased scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers over issues like privacy, antitrust, and election interference.

The Federal Reserve’s review of SVB’s supervision and regulation is a significant development in this ongoing debate. It remains to be seen what the review will uncover and what actions the Federal Reserve will take in response to any findings. However, it is clear that the banking industry and the technology sector will be closely monitoring the review’s progress in the coming months.

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