Fake Daedalus website is being marketed on Discord aims to scam ADA holders as price rise by over 13%

On Reddit r/Cardano, a user named Tjaaark has raised a warning about the fake Daedalus website is being marketed on Discord, aiming to scam ADA holders. This story plays out right when the ADA price spiked above $2.

Scammers target Cardano’s Daedalus wallet to defraud ADA holders on Discord


Source: Reddit

Reportedly, the fake website is luring users to make updates on their Daedalus Wallet. In the Discord post, made under a fake Cardano Official Release account, the promoters note that users must update their wallets without fail.

This year, with the growth of cryptocurrencies, wallet scams are on the rise, and fraudsters are attempting to leverage the profits in the sector.

In addition to the warning information, the post attached a fake website where users can download and upgrade wallets. Notably, the verified Daedalus wallet website is https://daedaluswallet.io, while the address for the fake website is https://daedaluswallet.one. Interestingly, the fake website mirrors the official Daedalus Wallet website by all features.


Fake Daedalus Wallet homepage’s screenshot

Scammers are promising that the new updated wallet comes with a host of features, including converting crypto to fiat, higher speed, and stability while treating the wallet as more robust. Notably, like other crypto-related products, the Daedalus wallet has previously fallen victim to crypto scams.

Furthermore, early this year, several users revealed losing their ADA holdings after downloading a fake wallet on the Google Playstore platform earlier this year.

Following the scam, Cardano’s parent company, Input-Output, warned users to be a careful ploy. “WARNING: We have been alerted to a SCAM site posing as the official Daedalus wallet site. Our domain ends in .io and ://NOT.net! Please ensure you download ONLY from our official site – linked here for your safety and security,” IOHK warned.

The target of the scammers is ADA, and the event comes after the fourth-largest cryptocurrency on the market rallied to new levels. At press time, the ADA price is trading at $2.04, increasing by almost 50% in the past seven days.

As AZCoin News reported, ADA has managed to break through key resistance, with assets targeting the $5 price mark. Cardano network has recently received increased adoption with various use cases alongside continued network updates.

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