Failed Demonstrates in Iran, Hong Kong, India shows the need of the Crypto-Anarchy ‘Second Realms’’

Recently, there are many protests has broken out in Iran, Hong Kong, and India, but failed, which shows the need of crypto-anarchy ‘Second Realms’.

What the Second Realm?

The second realm is an abstract but also specific “place” that temporary autonomous zones (TAZ) give a chance to escape the aura of state surveillance and brutal law enforcement culture and allow at least temporary execution of human rights and freedom.

A TAZ can permit for free and private cryptocurrency trading and other commodities, using substances and freedom of speech not affected by the state. When governments around the world violently suppress protesters more and more, these decentralized free nodes become increasingly necessary for the true proliferation of liberty in our lifetimes.

Compare with the protest, the second realm is a much more direct approach

Sometimes, the best way to defeat the enemy is to keep quiet and do what you want. Demonstrators screaming in the streets and throwing rocks at riot police may not be a moral issue, but ultimately have to face with pepper spray, jail time or a bullet awaits him.

And how would you feel like a ruler when seeing hundreds of thousands of people standing below the streets, begging and screaming for permission to only regain their rights? The dynamic power is clear.

Although the exact body count is argued, looking at what happened in Iran with the recent lethal crackdown on gasoline protesters shows who is the last to control. Similarly, protests and demonstrations continually happen in Hong Kong. Having some semblance of good seems to have been won there, but fight through police brutality and reported protestors violence against Beijing supporters has led to little but another form of slavery-lite. Another example, as residents of India in recent months, has not been able to access their own bank accounts despite demonstrating and petitioning persistently.

Failed Demonstrates in Iran, Hong Kong, India shows the need of the Crypto-Anarchy ‘Second Realms’
A protest in Hong Kong recently

Generally, the protest is often a first realm strategy, however, the second realm is maybe a much more direct approach. We do not ask, we take what is rightfully ours. The second realm is an abstract but also a specific place, and its definition changes from place to place. Although nothing is a one-size-fits-all solution for the calamities listed above currently tormenting the earth, the second realm focuses on individuals, and what they can do right now to regain a bit of strength for themselves.

Temporary Autonomous Zones

TAZs may be physical, brick and mortar locations or more virtual and cyberspaces. A TAZ can be a private club, abandoned shipping container or complex home where anarchists meet on weekends.

Moreover, it might be a darknet website, an OTC exchange, a weekend campsite, or a moving train car. It is also an event, such as the recent activists of Don’t Comply, illegal feeding, and shelter for homeless people in Dallas, Texas.

It can say that anywhere that is out of the state vision and attention or becomes more trouble to investigate and invade than to just let it be, can be a useful TAZ. For example, with the case of activists in Texas, police intervention with legally-armed violators could likely be much more costly both physically and reputationally than simply letting them function in peace.

The fact that about what the second realm affords is the chance to enforce freedom in the same way that the state does; backdoor meetings, quiet alliances, and private favors and trades.

Give a story that is not too wrong

Recently, Frank Braun and Smuggler, are crypto-anarchists, have launched the second episode of their new Cypherpunk Bitstream podcast and go in-depth on the “second realm”. They continually emphasize the point that a utility blends and remaining outwardly polite and being a ‘non-good’ target for law enforcement, along with maintaining good relationships with those surrounding oneself.

“Give them a story that is not too wrong … Keep a certain mystery, don’t tell everything, but give the plausible and unsuspicious part of what you do… Just be a good neighbor… build relationships, because they’re your allies”.

Braun and Smuggler also noted the value of impersonal non-compliance. Give a fake name. Do not get hot-headed and shout about your right not to give it. Give a real name but refuse a search. Make yourself a “non-threatening” pain that unworthy of the state’s time and resources. This can be part of the nature of functioning effectively in the second realm.

Free Trade and Free Association

The second realm strategies are not illegal. Free and private cryptocurrency trading can be made available to individuals anywhere through non-KYC, encrypted internet trading platforms, and private chats. Whether or not individuals later choose to report their transactions to an agency like the IRS is up to them and only them.

Besides, decentralized exchanges can help crypto enthusiasts trade more freely, they can sell and buy in person, privately, without the cumbersome imposed by any the state, additionally the lowest risk of attributability.

A network of TAZ ‘Nodes’

Critics about the second realm strategy said that it was a fantasy, a kind of libertarian live-action role play which ultimately has little effect on the state’s tyranny.

However, a decentralized network such as Bitcoin has gained value and popularity to an almost unstoppable level – and this in parallel and not directly opposite to existing monetary systems. Therefore, now it can “encrypted people” around the world doing freedom and liberty with a little knowledge and awareness, by creating second realms of their own.

Of course, always having a risk for such disobedience. Moreover, also has a great personal and societal risk in continuing to comply with anti-human laws and regulations. Each person has to determine what is right for them, that said, a whole decentralized world of tiny nodes would be much freer than the monolithic, centralized violence we experience at present. And like cryptocurrencies, people could choose freely which social nodes and networks they want to participate in without any being forced into non-consensual relationships.

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