Evernode reveals Hooks v3, invites XRPL smart contract testers

The Evernode team, a second-layer decentralized, permissionless network built on XRP Ledger, has revealed information about the next smart contract capability testing round. It also explains who might participate in the testing and who is eligible for Hooks v2 beta incentives.

According to a formal notification shared by the Evernode team, their infrastructure is ready for Hooks v3, the newest edition of XRPL smart contracts beta testing. Its users are encouraged to upgrade from Hooks v2 because the registration campaign for this stage is ending.

In the next seven days, registration for the third version of the testnet will open. As a result, users have sufficient time to reinstall the Evernode software and migrate to the latest build.

Crypto enthusiasts will need a PC running Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit with at least 2 GB RAM and 4 GB free disk space to run the software required for Hooks v3 testing with Evernode.

As previously stated, the final round of testing is critical for XRPL Hooks. Hooks v3 is designed to replicate mainnet performance, whereas Hooks v2 tested the permissionless system on the testnet.

The Evernode team also revealed the details of its airdrop campaign for past testnet iteration participants. Participants must protect their host addresses and secrets by activating specific files. The activation of Hooks, the core smart contracts for XRP Ledger, is one of the most anticipated XRP milestones. It will transform XRPL into a programmatic blockchain and provide a big boost to its DeFi ecosystem.

This critical function will be activated on the mainnet as soon as Q3-Q4, 2023. Simultaneously, required Web3 tooling, like escrows, multi-sigs, NFTs, and DEXes, is already available on XRP Ledger.

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