Etherscan and CoinGecko have parallelly issued an alert against an ongoing phishing attack on their platforms

In a recent announcement, CoinGecko revealed that their investigation has shown that cryptocurrency advertising platform Coinzilla is the source of the phishing attack code.

CoinGecko users are attacked by phishing by phishing malware

Yesterday, a phishing attack targeted users of popular crypto data sites like Etherscan and CoinGecko. Affected users received a prompt to connect their MetaMask wallet to a website called “”.

In a tweet, CoinGecko said:

Etherscan side announced:

While the exact cause is still unconfirmed, early indications are that malicious code through ads on affected websites is a stepping stone to a phishing attack.

Dextools, another popular crypto tracking website, was also affected and claimed the vulnerability came from a cryptocurrency advertising platform called Coinzilla.

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